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Jason Alfonsi

His father was a hunting guide, and he was on track to be an engineer, yet somewhere along the way Jason Alfonsi found himself in love with the wilderness of Zambia. His incredible insight into the Zambian region is evident in the many trips he leads, guiding clients for more than 20 years now. “It’s a magical moment when we manage to interact with a wild animal,” he says, “it is an experience few people have ever had.”  Jason is a member of the Zambia Ornithological Society and has a strong interest in Luangwa’s fantastic birdlife. He also belongs to the local astronomy club, and his knowledge of the night skies of the Southern Hemisphere make him a great companion for star-gazing around the campfire in the evening. In addition to English, Jason speaks the local Luangwa language called Chinyanga.

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Client Testimonials

Jason definitely made the trip. He knew exactly the signs the wildlife were portraying and how they were reacting to our presence. He was very confident and fully explained what to expect when being on the ground rather than being in a vehicle near the wildlife. He was knowledgeable in all aspects, from the birds and animals to the terrain and vegetation. He was the perfect guide for this type of trip.
— Robert N., Sedona, AZ
Zambia Walking Safari
Jason Alfonsi is a fantastic guide—genuine, personable, phenomenally experienced and knowledgeable, deeply connected to the earth and wild ones, and freely shares information from his heart as well as his head.
— Cathy B., Salt Lake City, UT
A Vision for Wildlife: Undiscovered Zambia
He has incredible field knowledge that you cannot attain from a book—it comes from years of experience and observation. Being able to tap into his wealth of knowledge about ecology, animal behaviors, botany, the early hominids—and the list goes on—was as valuable of an experience to me as seeing the wildlife in its natural environment.
— Heather H., New York, NY
Zambia Walking Safari
Jason's in-depth knowledge, insight, and personal focus on educating the members of the trip made for a very special experience.
— Larry S., Dayton, OH
Zambia Walking Safari
I can't say enough good things about Jason! He was friendly and so knowledgable about the wildlife and the culture there. I learned so much about animal behavior and the people of Zambia. He has extremely excellent guiding and people skills.
— Sue V., Haslett, MI
Zambia Walking Safari
What a pleasure to be with this expert, patient guide. I can't imagine having a better experience with anyone else!
— Suzanne O., Trumbull, CT
Zambia Walking Safari
Jason's knowledge of the region and its wildlife is superb. We could not have had a better guide.
— Steve F., Philomath, OR
Zambia Walking Safari
Jason was a very knowledgeable guide. His love and passion for Zambia is very evident.
— Lysa F., Delray Beach, FL
Zambia Walking Safari
Jason was one of the best guides we have ever had. He was extremely knowledgeable, patient, and demonstrated a great respect for the animals. He exceeded our expectations.
— Helen and Alan B., Willowdale, Ontario
Zambia Walking Safari
Jason is passionate and extremely knowledgeable about this area of Zambia. He even gave us an astronomy lesson on a moonless night! I really appreciated his respect for the animals.
— Cathryn Z., Watertown, SD
Zambia Walking Safari
Jason is one of the top trip leaders we have had on our many Wilderness trips. He was bright and informed about the animals, birds, stars, and country. He is enthusiatic about his job and it shows.
— Sarah L., Sioux Falls, SD
Zambia Walking Safari
Jason is an amazing guide. His respect for the country, its people, and its animals, is fully evident in the way he conducts his tours. His personal integrity, and his fun personality, made traveling with him a real pleasure.
— Ali I., New York, NY
Zambia Walking Safari
Jason is off the charts in all areas. We have had some wonderful leaders on our other WT trip but I would say that he was the best ever.
— Georgie C., Woodside, CA
Zambia Walking Safari
Can't say enough good things about Jason. He gave us the opportunity to experience Zambia with all five senses. I'm bringing home so much knowledge about the area and the life there, plant and animal. Jason is also very knowledgeable about politics, the environment, and history. Plus, he's simply a great person to be around!
— Nancy B., Albany, CA
Zambia Walking Safari
Jason is a superb leader. He has spent virtually his entire life in Zambia, and knows the Zambia bush incredibly well. He was a pleasure to be with and a fount of knowledge.
— Peter and Henry H., New York, NY
Zambia Walking Safari
I'm certain that Jason is the best guide in Zambia, probably in all of Africa. He obviously thoroughly enjoys his work and his enthusiasm is infectious.
— Steve F., Philomath, OR
Zambia Walking Safari
Jason shared his excitement for African wildlife with us in a way no other guide has (this was our 4th African safari).
— Cynthia S., Fitchburg, WI
Zambia Walking Safari
It was a delight to have a trip leader as excited about seeing the wildlife as we were. He really wanted to share Zambia with us.
— Donna B., Fitchburg, WI
Zambia Walking Safari
It was a privilege to spend a week with such a dedicated leader. It was like a college seminar at times, with real depth and deep discussions. Jason took us on grand adventure, including tracking a lion and finding the entire pride, finding a leopard hunting impala, and watching wild dogs.
— Mary Kay D., Berkeley CA,
Zambia Walking Safari
Jason was extremely knowledgeable. He knows the African bush and its denizens and enjoys sharing his deep interest.
— Dianne L., Fairfax Station, VA
I have taken many nature trips, but Jason was by far the best guide I’ve ever had.
— Dieter S., Green Valley AZ,
Zambia Walking Safari
Jason is an excellent guide, extremely knowledgeable and very pleasant to be with.
— Vicki G, Oakland, CA
Jason is an absolute gem. His guiding was exceptional. The man can call in lions or shrews or birds with equal ease.

Donna N., Eugene OR,
Zambia Walking Safari
We couldn’t have asked for a better Trip Leader than Jason Alfonsi. He was entertaining and very knowledgeable and put everyone at ease.
— Julia V., St. Louis MO,
Zambia Walking Safari
Jason Alfonsi would go out of his way to help us try to experience or see something we mentioned having an interest in. He was approachable and fun!
— Christine G., San Diego CA,
Zambia Walking Safari
Jason was an excellent guide who was incredibly knowledgeable and sensitive to the environment.
— Joan M., New York, NY