Top Ten Places to Travel in 2018!

From Namibia, one of the planet’s most hauntingly beautiful safari destinations and home to Africa’s only growing wildlife population, to Dolpo, an enchanting region of western Nepal still all but unknown to outsiders; we present you with our top ten destinations for 2018. Whether your dream trip will have you exploring mountains, culture, or cuisine, these journeys offer largely undiscovered destinations, including the world’s newest long-distance trail, in New Zealand, and the recently-created Parque Patagonia, in Chile. Make 2018 your most inspiring year ever!

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Faroe Islands

Halfway between Iceland and Norway, the Faroe Islands are unsheltered, breathtaking—and yet to be discovered by many travelers. On our cultural and hiking adventure, we’ll walk village to village across wild passes, lush with grasses and wildflowers, alongside soaring cliffs that are home to thousands of nesting seabirds, and visit turf-roofed traditional houses in Saksun and Kirkjubøur. The fish is outrageously fresh here, and we’ll have the chance to sample traditional Faroese fare including skerpikjot, wind-dried lamb, and drink beer from the island’s oldest brewery.


Set off for an incredible 20-day trek deep into the ancient land of Dolpo in western Nepal, an ethereal corner of the Himalayan world that few outsiders have ever visited. Follow shepherd’s trails to isolated high altitude villages where yak herders practice the pre-Buddhist religion Bon, and explore the fabled monastery of Shey Gompa, made famous in Peter Matthiessen’s The Snow Leopard. This rugged journey rewards adventurers both spiritually and physically in one of the few places in the world where treks of this remoteness and scope are still possible.


Thanks to its influential and creative conservation efforts, Namibia is home to Africa’s only growing wildlife population, and there’s no better time to witness this success story for yourself. In the Realm of the Desert Lion is an extraordinary—and utterly unique—chance to track black rhinos and wild cheetahs, as few others ever will, with behind-the-scenes access to the biologists working to preserve these species, and a bush camp where we’ll track the world’s only population of desert lion. On our Namibia Expedition, we’ll climb the colossal Sossusvlei Dunes, meet traditional Himba nomads, search for big game in Etosha, and sleep under the stars in Africa’s first Dark Sky Reserve.


The Spirit of Ireland offers an insider’s view of enchanting southwest Ireland, from hikes through primeval forests to lively pub evenings. With our extraordinary guides, boat out to a dramatic 8th century monastic outpost, enjoy a warm welcome at our country manor house in West Cork, and walk the ancient green roads of mesmerizing Great Blasket, the westernmost point in Europe. On Hidden Treasures of Ireland’s West Coast, our phenomenal guides share ancient sites, secret hikes that lead to stoic lighthouses, sacred peaks, and lively villages. You’ll also savor the fantastic Irish food scene, from oak-smoked salmon to vegetables fresh from the garden.


Be among the first to hike the pristine trails of Patagonia’s Aysen region, on Patagonia’s Wild North. In a newly-created national park, hailed as “South America’s Yellowstone” for its epic landscapes and resurgent numbers of native wildlife, we’ll marvel at soaring mountains, tumbling glaciers, golden pampas, and powder-blue lakes. On the stunning In Patagonia, we bring you to all of the wonders “at the Uttermost Ends of the Earth.” We’ll explore the secluded bays of Tierra del Fuego and the stupendous granite-and-glacier realms of Paine and Fitz Roy.


From the mountain lakes of the sharp-edged Julian Alps to the unforgettable towns and villages of the sun-splashed Mediterranean coast, Slovenia offers a spellbinding—and largely undiscovered world of adventure. On our exclusive journey we’ll hike through dramatic gorges laced with meandering rivers and glacier-carved valleys flanked by steep limestone peaks, indulge in farm-fresh organic fare, including local honey and a private wine tasting, explore Radovljica’s Renaissance-era architecture, and take a gondola to an island in dreamy Lake Bled.

Te Araroa

Hike the world’s newest long-distance trail, from remote Cape Reinga, where the Tasman Sea meets the Pacific, past isolated villages, primeval kauri forests, and Lord of the Rings volcanoes, into cosmopolitan Wellington, New Zealand’s capital. This unique adventure is full not only of fantastic hikes, but also Kiwi and Maori culture and cuisine, and includes private boat rides, caving, and sea kayaking.


On this wildlife lover’s dream journey, we’ll observe chimps in Kibale Forest National Park, safari on lake-dotted savannas, and boat on the Kazinga Channel, with its population of 30,000 hippos. In Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, home to half the remaining mountain gorillas in the world, we’ll spend two days tracking these magnificent creatures after enjoying a big-game safari on the luminous savannas of Queen Elizabeth National Park.


Discover the aldeais do gois villages, see prehistoric rock art, follow medieval pilgrim routes, and explore 13th century castle towns on Hiker’s Journey to Portugal, a European adventure beyond the grand tour destinations. Fine regional cuisine and velvety port wines are a delightful part of our journey, too, accompanied by the haunting sounds of fado. Our enchanting lodgings include a former wine warehouse in picturesque Pinhão and the 17th century Paço de Calheiros, where we are welcomed by the dapper Count of Calheiros himself.


With a classic 86-foot wooden ship as our base, we’ll explore along the beaches of Isla Espiritu Santo, snorkel with playful sea lions, and track sperm whales and blue whales—the planet’s largest creatures—in the “Blue Triangle.” After a day of paddling in quiet lagoons or hiking the palm-lined arroyos and ridgelines of desert islands, we’ll anchor in a secluded bay, savoring gorgeous sunsets, the freshest seafood imaginable, and the magic of the starlit sky. Choose from three stunning itineraries, each timed to maximize encounters with different marine wildlife.

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