New Cruises for 2018-2019

We are delighted to present WT’s new Cruise Collection for 2019. We’ve searched the world to find the best small ships that offer the most intriguing itineraries to unforgettable destinations. From remote islands in the Pacific to dramatic icebergs in the Arctic, some places are best experienced by small ship—and these are the places Wilderness Travel loves to explore. We’ve chosen cruises that give you a unique and comfortable way to travel, with a fascinating range of experiences and cruise styles. Check out the new voyages below, but hurry, many of these journeys are only offered once and they book well in advance—call to reserve your cabin soon!

If you have any questions (or wish to book your spot), call us at 1-800-368-2794 or contact us.

1 slide wildlife whale humpback flukes pano
A Voyage of Scientific Discovery
Aboard the Hebridean Sky or Island Sky
Mar 2-15, 2019
Feb 27-Mar 11, 2020
1 slide antarctica campsite tents campers with gear pano
The Best Active Voyage in Antarctica
Aboard the Ortelius or Plancius
Feb 17-28, 2019
Mar 7-18, 2019
Nov 3-14, 2019
Nov 24-Dec 5, 2019
Dec 5-16, 2019
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1 slide russia arctic northern lights over lake pano
Rail Journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow aboard the Golden Eagle
Dec 21, 2019-Jan 1, 2020
Dec 29, 2019-Jan 9, 2020
Feb 1-12, 2020
Dec 21, 2020-Jan 1, 2021
Dec 29, 2020-Jan 9, 2021
1 slide arctic norway svalbard islands spitsbergen polar bear wildlife pano
West Spitsbergen & Polar Ice Edge aboard the Sea Spirit
Jun 13-22, 2019
Jun 21-30, 2019
Jun 29-Jul 10, 2019
May 31-Jun 8, 2020
Jun 7-15, 2020
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1 slide greenland coastline ilulissat icebergs pano
Canda and Greenland aboard the Ocean Adventurer
Sep 10-29, 2020
1 slide hiking west greenland pano
Greenland's southern coasts aboard the Ocean Adventurer
Aug 29-Sep 12, 2020
1 slide greenland arctic icebergs northern lights pano
An Arctic Voyage in Search of the Aurora Borealis aboard the Ocean Nova
Sep 9-18, 2019
Sep 16-25, 2019
Sep 23-Oct 2, 2019
1 slide norway svalbard greenland travelers on zodiac pano
Svalbard Region and Scoresby Sund aboard the Silver Explorer
Sep 17-Oct 1, 2020
1 slide path vikings zegrahm coastline rugged pano
Iceland to Canada aboard Le Champlain
Aug 27-Sep 12, 2019
1 slide russian far east hiking above yankicha kuril islands pano
Expedition Curise aboard the Silver Explorer
Jul 6-23, 2020
1 slide wild norway and svalbard pano
Exploring the Coasts of Norway and Svalbard Aboard the Ocean Adventurer
May 17-Jun 2, 2019
1 slide klaipeda lithuania girls in traditional costumes pano
Medieval Cities, Seaside Villages & Legends of a Northern Realm aboard the Serenissima
Jul 4-18, 2019
1 slide germany cologne christmas market cologne cathedral pano
From Amsterdam to Basel aboard a Premier River Vessel
Best Months: Mid-November to December
1 slide iceland waterfall pano
Journey around Iceland aboard Le Bellot
Jun 11-22, 2020
1 slide hillside castle mountain vista pano
Cruise to Turkey, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, and Bulgaria aboard Le Bougainville
Jun 26-Jul 10, 2020
1 slide scotland portree isle of skye harbor beach colorful buildings pano
Northern Europe and the British Isles aboard the Silver Cloud
May 23-Jun 4, 2019
1 slide dublin to reykjavik uk oban harbor pano
Scotland, British Isles, and Iceland aboard the Silver Cloud
May 29-Jun 10, 2020
1 slide iberian peninsula cruise zegrahm gaudi barcelona pano
Cruising Spain and Portugal Aboard the Ocean Adventurer
Apr 18-May 3, 2019
1 slide dynjandi waterfall iceland tourist grandeur pano
Explore the Land of Fire and Ice aboard the Silver Cloud
Aug 5-14, 2019
1 slide budapest hungary st stephens basilica square christmas market pano
From Budapest to Nuremberg aboard a Premier River Vessel
Best Months: November to January
1 slide stockholm skylines harbor pano
Exploring Six Countries of Northern Europe Aboard Le Domunt-d'Urville
Jul 25-Aug 5, 2020
1 slide austria vienna christmas market pano
From Nuremberg to Vienna aboard a Premier River Vessel
Best Months: Mid-November to January
1 slide ireland galway giants causeway sunset pano
Eight days from Ireland to Scotland Aboard Le Boreal
May 24-31, 2020
1 slide corsica beach turquoise waters pano
Cruise the Mediterranean aboard Le Ponant
Jul 25-Aug 1, 2019
1 slide sicily italy ruins wildflowers columns pano
Cruise the Mediterranean aboard Le Bougainville
Jul 6-14, 2019
1 slide russia volga moscow vernisage izmaylovo pano
Exploring Russia's Waterways aboard the Volga Dream
Best Months: May to September
1 slide japan and south korea sakaiminato garden pano
Gardens, Temples, and Historical Sites aboard the Silver Explorer
Jun 7-18, 2020
1 slide women in conical hats in boats pano
Ho Chi Minh City, Jungle, and Villages
Aboard the Aqua Mekong
1 slide philippines man snorkeling coral reef colorful fish pano
Islands, Vistas, and National Parks Aboard the Caledonian Sky
Feb 29-Mar 16, 2020
1 slide japan lighthouse mist covered stones pano
Culture and History aboard the Caledonian Sky
Apr 12-28, 2019
1 slide indonesia bali pura ulan danu bratan temple pano
Across Indonesia's Far-flung Islands aboard the Silver Discoverer
Mar 20-Apr 5, 2019
1 slide tahiti cook islands relaxing on balcony pano
Cruise from Tahiti to the Cook Islands Aboard the Paul Gauguin
Jun 15-26, 2019
Aug 3-14, 2019
Nov 2-13, 2019
Jan 18-29, 2020
Mar 7-18, 2020
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1 slide papua new guinea hawksbill turtle coral reef pano
An Exploration of South Pacific Islands Aboard the Paul Gaugin
Apr 11-27, 2020
1 slide indonesia komodo view of padar island pano
In the Wake of the Makassans aboard the Coral Adventurer
Feb 26-Mar 12, 2020
Mar 31-Apr 15, 2020
1 slide vanuatu sea turtle wildlife underwater pano
An Epic Island Adventure Aboard the Island Sky
Sep 10-27, 2020
1 slide new zealand milford sound kayaker pano
South Island Expedition Aboard the Coral Discoverer
Dec 8-18, 2019
1 slide cruise snorkeling trobriands tufi madang cruise zegrahm pano
Cruising Through Melanesia aboard the Caledonian Sky
Sep 20-Oct 6, 2019
1 slide australia tasmania woman at wineglass bay view pano
Exploring Tasmania's Rugged Coast aboard the Coral Discoverer
Feb 19-26, 2019
Feb 26-Mar 5, 2019
Mar 5-12, 2019
Mar 12-19, 2019
Mar 19-26, 2019
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1 slide tahiti society islands couple kayaking by boat pano
Cruising the South Seas aboard the Paul Gauguin
Aug 31-Sep 7, 2019
Oct 19-26, 2019
Dec 14-21, 2019
1 slide australia ningaloo zegrahm whaleshark snorkel pano
Snorkeling Western Australia's Reefs and Islands aboard the Coral Discoverer
May 13-27, 2019
1 slide cuba santiago musician flag mural pano
Sail Roundtrip from Ft. Lauderdale
Feb 22-Mar 5, 2019
Mar 5-16, 2019
Mar 16-27, 2019
Mar 27-Apr 7, 2019
Apr 7-18, 2019
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1 slide ushuaia argentina town reflection pano
Exploring Legendary Cape Horn and the Chilean Fjords aboard the Ventus Australis or Stella Australis
Feb 21-Mar 1, 2019
Mar 1-9, 2019
Mar 9-17, 2019
Mar 13-21, 2019
Mar 17-25, 2019
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