Our Phenomenal Trip Leaders and Crew

Our Galapagos Leaders

Our Trip Leaders

Our Trip Leaders are absolutely extraordinary, both for the depth of their knowledge and the absolute passion—and gift—they have for sharing their expertise. All have university degrees in a biological science as well as all required licensing to guide in the Galápagos. They are wonderful ambassadors for the Galápagos, and delightful traveling companions. In their company, you’ll experience and learn so much as you savor one of the world’s most fascinating natural history destinations.

It was wonderful to have such a knowledgable guide on this trip, as he was able to give us scientific as well as historical information.
—Louise R., St Louis Park, MN

Our Boat Staff

The top-notch crew of each boat, most of whom are from the islands, provides wonderfully attentive service, with a 2:1 passenger-to-crew ratio aboard the Mary Anne and a 1:1 passenger-to-crew ratio aboard the Passion. Led by experienced captains, they are patient, helpful, hard-working, and take amazing care of you. They excel in every detail, clearly expert in running the boat but also immensely helpful in meeting and anticipating all your needs. They’re also lots of fun and ready with a smile—they love sharing the whole experience with you!

Our Galapagos Staff
The Mary Anne was incredible, what an amazing experience, and also I should mention the absolutely wonderful crew, from the captain on down, they were letter-perfect in every way, 100% to each and every one of them.
— Lynn K., Denver, CO

Contact our Galápagos Specialists

Galápagos Specialists

Our Galápagos Specialists know every detail about our itineraries, boats, and trip extensions, and will be happy to help you choose the journey that’s right for you!

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