What Our Clients Say

The best information about a trip always comes from the people who took the journey. See what our clients say about our Madagascar Expeditions and our Madagascar Trip Leaders. We are happy to match you with a past client for a referral—just call us.

The trip was excellent; I’d highly recommend it. Really fun...the local guides and Trip Leader were all wonderful. I am so glad Wilderness took care of everything.
Kathy W., Minneapolis, MN
Our Trip Leader was amazing. We couldn’t figure out how he timed everything so perfectly! He’s a treasure and a fabulous representative of WT and Madagascar.
Laurie B., Washington, NJ
A wonderful experience that exceeded my expectations—and I’m picky! I like the small group size, and there was ample opportunity both to hike and to mingle with locals at markets and in villages.
Martha H., Monterey, CA
Tourist gets close-up photos of chameleons in Madagascar
Amazing! High quality outdoor experiences, lodgings, and cuisine—then listening to the haunting calls of the indri echoing through the jungle.
Bonnie B., Bakersfield, CA
Our local guides clearly loved their country, and were amazing at finding and showing us the birds and animals.
Mary G., Sierra Madre, CA
I thoroughly enjoyed this trip. There was a great mix of experiences in Madagascar. Obviously a lot of planning went into making it so memorable. Thank you!
Marilyn G., Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
This was our first experience with a group tour—what a great introduction! We did this trip to see wildlife, and were delighted with what we got to see. Beautiful country, wildlife, and people—thank you for making our first group trip unforgettable!
Susanna F., Lincoln, MA
Madagascar tourists get photos from small boat
This is a wonderful wildlife trip that I highly recommend. Playing with lemurs was fantastic!
Bobbie B., Acworth, GA
It was a true adventure! The country was gorgeous to see and experience, the people of the country were friendly, and the experience with the lemurs was off the charts!
Jennifer R., Fort Lauderdale, FL
Our Trip Leader and local guides’ depth of knowledge was unbelievable. That’s one reason I chose a tour company for Madagascar—it would be very difficult to obtain such quality guiding on ones’ own.
Madeline A., Salt Lake City, UT
Tourist holds giant bright-green chameleon on her arm
Beyond expectations on all fronts!
Karin E., San Jose, CA

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