Meet Our Expert Team

One of Madagascar’s charms is its exotic remoteness and lack of tourists. That also means there’s little developed infrastructure, so a skilled support team is crucial to making the most of your time here. Our experienced network pays close attention to detail, and takes care of everything—from expedited VIP visa service at the airport, to access to the best naturalist guides at each park, to on-the-ground support if last-minute adjustments need to be made.

This expert team is the key to our success in Madagascar. You’ll feel like part of the family as you explore with our Trip Leaders and naturalist guides—and experience their warmth and contagious excitement.

Our Trip Leaders

Our Trip Leaders are all experienced naturalists and passionate conservationists. They are born and raised in Madagascar and delight in sharing their insider knowledge—you’ll get a unique perspective about the diverse cultures within Madagascar culture as well as fascinating insights into the flora and fauna of each park you visit. You’ll benefit from their friendships as you meet residents and learn about community conservation projects, and they’ll introduce you to local wildlife researchers.

Razafimampionona toussaint

Toussaint Razafimampionona

Toussaint has made a career of introducing people to the natural wonders of his home island of Madagascar. He worked for over a decade as a guide and park ranger in two of the island's incredible national parks: in the stunning sandstone formations of Isalo National ...

Raharinosy vy

Vy Raharinosy

From sharing his knowledge about the famed Madagascar lemurs and other unique wildlife in the region, to the unique Malagasy culture and environmental challenges, Vy Raharinosy is a wonderful ambassador of his native country. You can often find him traversing to every ...

Local Naturalist Guides

Every park in Madagascar has its own idiosyncrasies: endemic species not to be missed, little-known spots for great photo ops, tricky trails, hidden orchids, etc. That’s why it’s so important to work with knowledgeable guides who are intimately familiar with their local areas.

Wilderness Travel hires the best local naturalist guides in each park. They are highly trained, with a deep understanding of the flora and fauna in their locations. Many of them have helped internationally acclaimed researchers find the most elusive animals, birds, and plants in Madagascar: one guided British naturalist and broadcaster David Attenborough; another is a skillful birdwatcher and also specializes in Madagascar’s exquisite orchids and succulents; yet another is an expert on Ranomafana’s rare and intriguing golden bamboo lemur. Be sure to let them know about any special requests or interests you have.

Contact our Africa Specialists

The Wilderness Travel Africa specialists team photo

Our Africa specialists are your single point of contact and will be happy to answer any questions about our trips, help you choose the journey that’s right for you, and assist with any extensions you may be interested in. They even have great advice on what to pack! You’ll be in good hands, from the time of your first call to your departure on this adventure of a lifetime.