We are proud to announce that five members of the Wilderness Travel team have been named “Top Travel Specialists” by Condé Nast Traveler. Our staff has received this award four years in a row, and we are thrilled by their continued recognition in the adventure travel industry.

Get to know our award-winning staff:

A woman stands near a wooden railing in a grassy field, smiling at the camera. Two elephants are grazing in the field behind her on a sunny day, capturing the essence of Wilderness Travel and adventure.


Barbara Wright

“I consult with clients at length before designing a custom tour for them. During this process, I actively listen to understand what clients want and offer options based on many years of experience and deep relationships with our contacts in the field.”

A person with curly blond hair stands at an ancient stone site on a cloudy day; a rainbow is visible in the background over green mountains, capturing the essence of wilderness travel.


Denise Santos

“Our clients invest a lot in these once in a lifetime experiences and they can trust that we have firsthand experience and knowledge and work with the best small ship expedition cruise operators in the industry.”

A person with frost-covered hair smiles while wearing a colorful floral headband and a blue jacket in a snowy outdoor setting, perfect for an adventurous Wilderness Travel experience.


Emily Vernizzi

“I am proud of the trips I manage and am determined to give the most honest information to help travelers find the right vacation fit for their interests and abilities.”

A woman wearing sunglasses and a black jacket stands in front of a snow-covered mountain range under a cloudy sky, showcasing the ultimate Wilderness Travel experience.


Lisa Filippini

“From setting-up private blessing ceremonies for newlyweds in Bhutan, to arranging personal meetings with Eagle Hunters at the Golden Eagle Festival in Mongolia, I try to make our trips extra special for our travelers.”

A man with short hair and a beard is smiling outdoors. He is wearing a dark jacket, and the background shows trees with green leaves. His smile suggests a familiarity with Wilderness Travel, as he seems at ease exploring the natural world around him.


Scott Abbott

“Our travelers appreciate knowing not only that a vast majority of their travel dollars stay in the communities they visit, but are also going to community-based conservation projects.”