hiking the Exquisite Island Worlds of France and Italy

Discover the unique cultures and picturesque landscapes of Corsica and Sardinia, with coastal walks, mountain hikes, and cultural exploration.

11 days from: $5795
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Traditional Culture in the Heart of Sardinia

Discover the 2,000-year-old heritage of Sardinia in its captivating village festivals, complete with colorful parades, masked dancers, medieval tournaments, dancing in the streets, and horse races.

10 days from: $4895
Trip Level:

An Exploration of Italy’s Two Main Islands aboard the Serenissima

Visit World Heritage Sites in Malta and Italy as you explore this Mediterranean wonderland aboard a small-ship cruise.

11 days from: $6190
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A Trek Along an Untouched Mediterranean Coast

Special 10-day hiking and cultural journey through Sardinia and along the Mediterranean coast.

10 days from: TBA
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