Exploring the Wonders of the Coral Triangle

Repertory Trip: No Future Dates Set


This incredible snorkeling expedition brings you to the translucent waters of the Solomon Islands, with their amazing coral reefs alive with brilliantly-hued fish, dazzling aquamarine lagoons, and volcanic jungle-clad islands populated by people who maintain a subsistence agricultural and fishing lifestyle unchanged for hundreds of years. With an Expert Trip Leader to unlock the secrets of this incredible underwater realm, you'll delight in at least two and sometimes three snorkeling excursions a day, complemented by intriguing cultural experiences with village visits and jungle hikes on uninhabited islands. Back on board our comfortable live-aboard ship, you'll enjoy fascinating presentations each evening on such topics as the Coral Triangle, habitat diversity, and the ecosystems of coral reefs and their conservation. Join us for this unparalleled expedition to an undiscovered gem of the South Pacific!

Itinerary at a Glance

Days 1-3
Honiara, Solomon Islands / Russell Islands

After arriving in Honiara and embarking on our vessel, we cruise to the Russell Islands for snorkeling excursions over sloping coral gardens and barrier reefs where adult reef fish such as sweetlips and surgeonfish and larger predators like groupers and sharks can be found. We also explore the Leru Cut, an incredible underwater crevice at the edge of the Russell Islands.

Days 4-7
Mary Island / East Russell Islands

At remote, jungle-clad Mary Island, lying west of the Russell Islands, we snorkel among thousands of colorful damselfish, anthias, and surgeonfish­—a chance to see the “schooling fish” phenomenon. We will also have the opportunity to visit pristine jungles on the uninhabited islands to see and experience these environments in the Solomon Islands. Heading to the East Russell Islands, we examine corals, including unqiue formations called “micro-atolls,” and a variety of fish including exquisitely colored wrasses, which reside exclusively in this habitat. We also visit a traditional village and watch island life in its truest form, snorkel on a forgotten WWII patrol boat base, and snorkel among mangroves, a very important tropical coastal reef habitat.

Days 8-11
Florida Islands (Nggela)

In the Florida Islands group (Nggela), with its amazing protected coral gardens along the convoluted coastline, we find giant clams, ancient coral colonies, and a multitude of fish including juvenile sweetlips and parrotfish. One of our snorkel sites may find us among the largest of rays, the manta ray, and we also drift snorkel at several locations and visit an island village. At several sheltered bays we see a large diversity of juvenile fish, especially cardinal fish and dragonets. Topside, the Florida Islands have some of the most stunning geology in the Solomon Islands: towering cliffs plunge deep into the surrounding water and create a maze of waterways and bays. We arrive back in Honiara on Day 11 and fly home (you may wish to extend your adventure at a beach resort in Fiji, the international gateway to the Solomon Islands).



Amazing habitats, stunning geology, pristine jungles, protected coral gardens
World-class snorkeling adventures each day, optional hikes
Travel on a comfortable live-aboard ship with air-conditioned cabins


Length: 11 days
Cost From: TBA  
Arrive: Honiara, Solomon Islands
Depart: Honiara, Solomon Islands
Lodging: 10 nights aboard chartered yacht
Meals: All meals included
Activity: Snorkeling, Small Boat & Yacht Cruising
Trip Level:

Snorkeling, jungle hikes, village visits

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