Explore the Highest Tropical Mountain Range in the World

Repertory Trip: Next Offered June 9-25, 2018 & July 27-August 12, 2018


The enormous ice-fluted peaks, surreal turquoise tarns, and flowering alpine meadows of Peru’s Cordillera Blanca make it a phenomenal arena for trekking. In this stunning glacial wilderness, more than 70 summits top 18,000 feet, including mighty Huascarán (22,204'), Peru’s highest peak, and Alpamayo (19,506'), a classic pyramid that has been called the most beautiful mountain in the world. Our 11-day trek is a challenging one, but well rewarded with exhilarating days on the trail, spectacular campsites beside impossibly blue lakes, and views of ice-draped summits and glaciers at every turn. An optional climb of Nevado Pisco (18,871'), set right in the heart of the Cordillera Blanca, grants us dazzling 360-degree views of countless snow-capped peaks.

Itinerary at a Glance

Days 1-4
Lima / Huaraz

After meeting in Lima, head along the Pan American Highway to Huaraz (10,000'), the center for trekking and mountaineering expeditions into the Cordillera Blanca. A day hike and visit to the pre-Inca temple of Chavin de Huantar, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, help us acclimatize to the heady altitude.

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Days 5-15
Cordillera Blanca

Trek With our trekking crew and pack animals, we hike to Laguna Cullicocha (15,100'), a gleaming glacial lake with outstanding views of the peaks of the Santa Cruz massif. Crossing two more passes, we reach our camp near Laguna Jancarurish, where an optional hike brings us to the base camp of Alpamayo (19,506'), a pyramid-shaped peak of astonishing beauty. Crossing the Caracara Pass (15,846'), we descend into a lush valley leading to a high pass with great views of the multiple peaks of Pucahirca. Continuing into Quebrada Jancapampa, we pass villages and cultivated areas where rural life hasn’t changed much in hundreds of years. Panoramas of awesome peaks abound, including knife-edged Taulliraju (19,127') and Chacraraju (20,052'). At the end of our trek, trip members taking the optional extension head to the Demanda Valley to climb Nevado Pisco.

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Days 16-17
Huaraz / Lima

Return to Huaraz, enjoying views of the twin summits of Huascarán along the way. The next day we return to Lima and depart.

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Experience a perfectly designed trek in the world’s highest tropical mountain range
Optional hike to the Alpamayo Base Camp
Spectacular campsites by turquoise lakes, incredible views of glacier-clad peaks
Optional climb of Nevado Pisco


Length: 17 days
Cost From: $4395  
Arrive: Lima, Peru
Depart: Lima, Peru
Lodging: 5 nights hotels, 11 nights full-service camping
Meals: All meals included except 1 lunch and 1 dinner
Activity: Hiking / Trekking
Trip Level:

11-day trek on steep trails, 6-8 hours a day, altitudes between 11,000-16,000 feet, optional climb of 18,871-foot peak