Borneo Expedition

Karst Caves, Endangered Orangutans and Primeval Rainforests
with Karin Betts

April 18-30, 2016

Lush tropical jungle, misty mountains, mysterious tribes and some of the rarest creatures on the planet—Malaysian Borneo offers all the ingredients of an exotic journey beyond the usual. The world’s third largest island, Borneo accounts for only one percent of the world's land yet holds six percent of global biodiversity in its tropical forests. These forests date back 130 million years and are home to species ranging from the endangered Bornean orangutans and distinct pygmy elephants to giant pitcher plants and Rafflesia flowers. Still swathed in extensive tropical rainforests, the island continues to reveal new biodiversity wonders as more species are constantly discovered. You'll enjoy well-located accommodations throughout the expedition, from Malay-style stilt lodges nestled in deep forest reserves to airy beachfront chalets on a tiny tropical island. Along the way, we'll meet Borneo's fascinating indigenous people—the nomadic Penan hunter gatherers, the seafaring Bajau Laut with their rainbow-colored boats, and the rice-cultivating Dayak of the island's lush interior. Join veteran Trip Leader and passionate jungle explorer Karin Betts for a dream journey to this nature lovers' paradise!

We are still finalizing the details of this itinerary. Please let us know you're interested and we’ll send you the Full Detailed Itinerary as soon as it is available.

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