An expedition from Reykjavik to Kangerlussuaq aboard Le Boréal


Experience the radiant landscapes of Greenland during the spellbinding high Arctic summer. Sail through ice-choked fjords, explore by Zodiac, walk on wild tundra, and look for humpback whales, orcas, narwhals, and possibly even polar bears. You’ll call at remote Greenlandic towns, learn about Norse history and Inuit traditions, round Cape Farewell, Greenland’s southernmost point, and visit stupendous Ilulissat Icefjord in Disko Bay, a World Heritage Site.


Day 1, Jul 31, 2017
Reykjavik, Iceland / Hafnarfjordur / Embark

Arrive in Reykjavik and transfer to the port of Hafnarfjordur to embark Le Boreál.

Day 2, Aug 1, 2017
Reykjavik, Iceland / Hafnarfjordur

An optional excursion surveys the variety of landscapes surrounding Reykjavik: from the picturesque town of Hafnarfjordur, through lava formations of all shapes and sizes, to the geothermal fields of Krysuvik, where powerful jets of steam escaping from deep below the Earth’s crust share the landscape with multicolored pools of boiling mud. You may also visit the newly built Viking museum in Njardvik, which houses a fully seaworthy replica of an average-sized Viking vessel.

Day 3, Aug 2, 2017
At Sea

Le Boreál sails across the Denmark Strait toward the southern end of Greenland, following the wake of Vikings and other European explorers whose exploits are chronicled in the Norse Sagas.

Day 4, Aug 3, 2017
Cruising Cape Farewell

At the southern tip of Greenland, Cape Farewell is one of the windiest spots on earth and important in global ocean circulation as the place where the warm waters of the Gulf Stream are cooled and sink to the sea floor where they help power the “conveyor belt” that drives the world’s currents.

Day 5, Aug 4, 2017
Narsaq, Greenland

Narsaq—the name is Kalaallisut for "Plain"—is located on the eastern shore of the Labrador Sea in Tunulliarfik Fjord. Fishing is the mainstay of the local economy, but Narsaq is nearly unique in Greenland, because farming is possible on the plains to the north of the town. Of the 53 registered sheep farms in Greenland, 31 are located here.

Day 6, Aug 5, 2017

Situated just 150 miles south of the Arctic Circle, Nuuk, is the northernmost capital in the world. It is also the oldest town in Greenland, founded by missionaries in 1728.  Here you may visit the National Museum, where exhibits cover 4,500 years of Greenland’s history.

Day 7, Aug 6, 2017
Sailing Along the Western Coast of Greenland

Sail northward and cross the Arctic Circle on your way to Ilulissat and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Disko Bay.

Day 8, Aug 7, 2017
Equ Glacier / Paul Emile Victor Base

The Eqi glacier is one of the world’s most active glaciers and offers our best chance to witness calving. Weather and sea conditions permitting, you will visit the research station named for France’s most famous polar explorer and advocate of environmental protection.

Day 9, Aug 8, 2017
Ilulissat / Disko Bay

Continue your exploration of Disko Bay. The town of Ilulissat (the word means “iceberg”) is where Knud Rasmussen grew up, and you will gain a firsthand sense of why he was drawn to devote his life to the exploration of the Arctic.

Day 10, Aug 9, 2017
Sailing in the Greenland Fjords

As you head south to make your way to Kangerlussuaq and your expedition’s end, the Captain will take Le Boreál in and out of the fjords that define the coast, choosing the exact route on the basis of ice and weather conditions.

Day 11, Aug 10, 2017

This morning, disembark in Kangerlussuaq and depart for homeward-bound flights via Paris.



Enjoy outings and landings in Zodiacs among icebergs and glaciers.
Natural delights include fjords, iridescent glaciers and icebergs, wild tundra, lakes, alpine peaks
An abundance of wildlife: musk oxen, arctic foxes, humpback whales, orcas, seals, narwhals, possibility of viewing polar bears
Encounters with Inuit people, their traditions and villages
Disko Bay, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site


Length: 11 days
Cost From: $8480  
Arrive: Reykjavik, Iceland
Depart: Kangerlussuaq, Greenland
Lodging: 10 nights aboard a 224-passenger vessel
Meals: All meals included aboard ship
Activity: Small Ship Cruising
Trip Level:

11-day expedition cruise, cultural explorations and walking tours, Zodiac cruises
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