K2 and the Chinese Karakorum

Trek to Advance Base Camp on K2 with Gary McCue

September 1-30, 2017

K2 (28,251'), the second highest mountain on earth, is a magnificent pyramid of rock and ice flanked by giants including Broad Peak (25,414'), Gasherbrum I (Hidden Peak; 26,444'), Gasherbrum II (26,358'), and a host of granite towers that are formidable summits in their own right. On this special WT Expedition with veteran Trip Leader Gary McCue, we approach K2 from the north by way of China’s great desert province of Xinjiang. Our 16-day trek is an incredibly spectacular journey following trails alongside the Yarkand and Shaksgam rivers, milky white with silt from the Karakoram’s mighty glaciers. As we make our way through dramatic mountain valleys, a caravan of shaggy, two-humped Bactrian camels carries our gear.  At K2 Base Camp at 12,900 feet, we leave our camels behind and backpack to the Italian K2 Advance Base Camp (15,350’) on the K2 Glacier, a strenuous 4-day hike round-trip. We have an Exploration Day here to hike up through ice seracs toward the sprawling glacial amphitheater at 17,075 feet below K2’s immense North Face. It’s a strenuous trip but well worth it—join us for a rare chance to explore one of the greatest mountain sanctuaries in the world

We are still finalizing the details of this itinerary. Please let us know you're interested and we’ll send you the Full Detailed Itinerary as soon as it is available.

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