Great Silk Road

In the Footsteps of Marco Polo from Xi’an to Kashgar

For 2,000 years, the Silk Road was the principal artery for caravans traveling between China and Europe laden with textiles, spices, gold—and ideas, philosophies, and religions. On this fabled road we follow the footsteps of Marco Polo from ancient Xi’an, cradle of Chinese history, to fabled Kashgar in China’s wild west, a vital hub when silk caravans passed this way a millennium ago. As we explore, we encounter a range of peoples, from Uighur traders to Kazakh nomads, and learn how their cultures and traditions are deeply tied to this desert and mountain realm. We also visit a dazzling array of epic archaeological sites, from the famed tomb of the Terra Cotta Warriors to the cliff-bound Mogao Grottoes, a priceless repository of Chinese Buddhist cave art long lost in the desert. There’s no other journey in the world quite like this adventure on the storied road across the Far East.

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