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Private Junk

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Overnighting aboard a private junk in a secluded cove of Halong Bay is a unique opportunity to capture the evening and early morning vistas of this magnificent World Heritage Site. And with sea kayaks aboard, we have a chance to explore its out-of-the-way sites, including floating villages, beachside temples, and hidden lagoons walled in by limestone cliffs. Sailing junks have been around for thousands of years, and our boat is constructed of teak and bassia wood to resemble the centuries-old Chinese style, with its flat bottom and high stern. Cabins have outward-facing windows, twin beds, fans, air-conditioning, and a private bath. Multiple-course meals or buffets are served, with a mostly seafood-based cuisine. The boat is staffed by a crew of three and a private chef. Please note: The boat we charter for each departure varies, but they are all of similar quality.