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Ndutu Private Camp

Serengeti, Tanzania

February Departure
Our Private Wilderness Travel Camp at Ndutu features tents secluded in the shade of acacia trees. The camp is tasteful, extremely comfortable, and above all mobile, allowing us complete freedom to follow the movements of the great migratory herds. The tents, custom designed for us, offer the very highest level of comfort and mobility, with en suite bathrooms and a shower with an open-air feel to take advantage of the impressive night skies. All tents have queen or twin bedded sleeping arrangements and we enjoy silver-service dining and renowned well-balanced menus served al fresco under the African stars or in the candle-lit dining tent

Ndutu private camp 01
Ndutu private camp 02
Ndutu private camp 03
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Ndutu private camp 05
Ndutu private camp 06