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Mountain Lodges of Peru

Cordillera Vilcabamba, Peru

This unique system of four lodges built in the spectacular Cordillera Vilcabamba allows us to make a hiking traverse of the high valleys of the Andes en route to Machu Picchu while enjoying comfortable nightly accommodations that include private bedrooms with private bathrooms. The lodges all offer wonderful meals served with wine and a fireplace around which to relax and review the exciting adventures of that day’s hike. Jacuzzis are also available at Salcantay Lodge, Wayra Lodge, and Colpa Lodge. Salcantay Lodge, Days 2-3, has 12 double rooms and features a dining room with views of snow-capped Salcantay (20,574’), a magnificent peak that was sacred to the Incas. Wayra Lodge, Day 4, has six double rooms. Set at the foot of Huamantay Peak, the lodge offers wonderful views into the Salcantay Valley. Colpa Lodge, Day 5, is set on a promontory overlooking the Santa Teresa Valley and has six double rooms. Lucma Lodge, Day 6, with six double rooms, is our final night’s accommodation. Set at 6,600 feet, the lodge is in a warm location and offers a lovely garden with a variety of subtropical vegetation including banana, avocado, and coffee plants.