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Palau Camps

The Rock Islands, Palau

On the phenomenally beautiful Rock Islands, we enjoy our own wonderful campsites chosen for their beauty and access to fantastic snorkeling. Our private, full-service camps have walk-in tents, a toilet tent, solar shower, and a dining tent set with table and chairs. After full days of physical activity, we’ll have good appetites, and our camp cooks provide delicious meals. Typical breakfasts include fresh papaya, pineapple, eggs, pancakes, or Palauan specialties. Lunch is usually picnic style, featuring sandwiches and fruit. Dinner is usually a beach barbecue with fresh-grilled fish or chicken, vegetables, and baked local desserts while we savor the sunset. Our support boat goes ahead to each new campsite with our gear so that our new camp is set up and awaiting our arrival.