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Lango Camp

Odzala-Kakoua National Park, Congo

This unique camp is nestled in dense gallery forest, with each guest room overlooking the productive Lango Bai. The dining room, lounge, and bar area are all on raised decks overlooking the bai, with roofing of traditional woven raffia palm panels. Walkways connect the rooms to the public areas. A star deck and fire pit are placed on a dropped deck overlooking the bai for after-dinner relaxation. There are just six guest rooms, each set on a platform and raised on stilts some 15 feet above the forest floor, with a 360-degree wraparound viewing walkway. The rooms are furnished with twin beds, mosquito netting, and a fan, and have an en suite bathroom with a shower and flush toilet. Electricity is provided by solar power, with a backup generator.

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