Steve Turner

Steve’s family has a long and established history in Africa, having ventured to the continent more than a century ago (they were among the first western explorers to discover the islands of Zanzibar and Pemba). His upbringing in the wildernesses of East Africa fostered a dedicated interest and extensive knowledge in not only natural history, but also the communities who live within these rich environments. Steve’s passion for culture, wildlife, and nature has taken him throughout the African continent, including a six-month, 25,000-kilometer photographic expedition across north, west, and central Africa, and as far afield as Australia, Asia, the Amazon, Himalayas, Arctic, and Antarctica. He has received awards for his in-depth photography of endangered mountain gorillas of Rwanda and Zaire, and his extensive collection of photographs of Africa’s disappearing wildlife and tribal people have been published worldwide. Steve was a founding Trustee of the Kasigau Conservation Trust, an organization dedicated to the development of community-based environmental enterprises in Tsavo, Kenya’s largest wilderness. He was also the Chairman of The Kenya Professional Guides Association, which promotes greater qualification for tour guides (he is still one of only fifteen guides in all of East Africa to achieve the coveted Gold certification). And as the Chairman of Campfire Kenya, he led a consortium of conservationists working to promote greater conservation among Africa’s pastoralist peoples. When not traveling, Steve lives in a leafy suburb of Nairobi, Kenya, with his wife, Jayne.

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Past Trips:

Perspectives on East Africa Symposium: Cradle of Mankind, June 25-July 7, 2014