Selvaggio francesco

Francesco Selvaggio

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Francesco Selvaggio, Wilderness Travel's Sicilian Trip Leader Extraordinaire. Francesco held a degree in architecture with a concentration on historic restoration, and he loved to say that every single building in Sicily had a story to tell.  He conveyed his knowledge and passion with infectious enthusiasm, to the endless delight of our trip members. Francesco also loved to share his knowledge of Sicily's remarkable cuisine and fine wines, and was famous for his sumptuous and beautifully sited picnics. He became a good friend to all who knew him and we will miss him greatly. In honor of this extraordinary man and his commitment to Italy's culture and heritage, Wilderness Travel will be making a donation to the relief efforts for the communities affected by the recent earthquake in Italy. Vi siamo riconoscenti, Francesco.

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Client Testimonials

Francesco is very knowledgable and enthusiastic and went above and beyond what we were expecting. He has an amazing care for architecture and frescos hidden in special places in beautiful, historical churches.
— Carol L., Kalispell, MT
Hiking in Sicily
Francesco is fun, has keen and broad knowledge of historic facts, which he shared in his lovely Sicilian accented English. Everyone enjoyed his commentaries as we drove or visited museums. He made each of us feel comfortable and provided good laughs.
— Kathy C., Houston, TX
Hiking in Sicily
Francesco was excellent. Very informative, very personable, and helped us all immeasurably toward making this an excellent trip. I would definitely travel with him again.
— Paul M., Olney, MD
Hiking in Sicily
Francesco is incredibly knowledgeable, and I learned a lot of Sicilian history from him. He took every opportunity to teach whether we were in the van, walking, hiking, or eating. It was a real pleasure to travel with him.
— Joy M., Olney, MD
Hiking in Sicily
Francesco taught us a lot about the history and architecture of Sicily. He has great energy and humor, and is ‘a force of nature.’
— Johanna S., Sunnyvale, CA
Hiking in Sicily
Francesco is very funny and likeable. Always ready to help, explain and show something different. Even when we had free time, he was willing to show another church or pastry shop. His knowledge of history and architecture is superb.
— Anna K., Northfield, IL
Hiking in Sicily
Francesco provided great insights into life in Sicily—both currently and in the past. It gave us a much better appreciation of the place then we would have obtained on our own.
— Pam M., La Jolla, CA
Hiking in Sicily
Francesco was very enthusiastic about the beauties of Sicily, and very knowledgeable about the culture, history, and architecture.
— Marie D., Lovingston, VA
Hiking in Sicily
Francesco was outstanding and added great passion, enthusiasm, and knowledge to the trip.
— Marjorie A., Fernandina Beach, FL
Hiking in Sicily
Francesco is the quintessential Sicilian, always friendly and helpful, knowledgeable, and fun to be with (and he has a beautiful accent).
— Walter & Anneliese B., Toronto, Ontario
Hiking in Sicily
He was an excellent guide, making special contributions regarding the history and culture of Sicily. He knew a lot about the ruins we visited and was extremely insightful on Sicilian religious and military history. He was a very good driver and made exceptional lunches!
— Pam W., Minneapolis, MN
Hiking in Sicily
Francesco Selvaggio was outstanding. His knowledge and passion of the architecture of Sicily is one of the reasons this trip was so terrific.
— Rob L., Newport News, VA
Hiking in Sicily
Francesco contributed greatly to the success of our trip, and left us with warm memories of his joie de vivre, anecdotes, and  sensitivity to the artistic, architectural, and gastronomic features of the trip.
— Barbara and Don T., Windsor. Ontario
Great Alpine Traverse
Francesco is a delightful guy who loves his country and is eager to share its history and culture.
— Polly C., Denver, CO
Hiking in Sicily
We liked Francesco very much. He is so knowledgeable and friendly, and provided a wealth of information about the sites we visited.
— Mimi S., Santa Cruz, CA
Hiking in Sicily
Francesco is very entertaining. His knowledge is vast and his enthusiasm infectious.He's considerate and hard-working, and makes the world's best picnics!
— Eleanor S., Kingstone, ON
Hiking in Sicily
Francesco is so positive and fun! We very much enjoyed our time with him. He talked about all things Sicily until he lost his voice!
— Joselyn B., Caspar, CA
Hiking in Sicily
Francesco was an excellent leader and very knowledgeable. He is upbeat and his love for Sicily was apparent.
— Neil C, Swandscott, NH
Hiking in Sicily
Francesco was wonderful. A great, positive attitude and so ready to help with anything.
— Rosalie B, Great Alpine Traverse
Francesco is warm, friendly, good natured, and fun to be with. He is a complete professional.
— Barbara Quinn, Oakdale New York, Sicily and the Aeolian Islands
Francesco is an outstanding guide, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, helpful, and very warm.
— Stephen W, New Haven CT, Sicily & the Aeolian Islands
Francesco was knowledgeable, fun, and personable. He packed a lot of natural and social history into our trip and I sincerely appreciated his efforts.
— Diane C, Manchester MO, Sicily & the Aeolian Islands