Clive Roberts

Clive Roberts, from Ireland, is a seasoned guide with a contagious passion for the mountains. When not guiding for us, he teaches mountaineering and climbing skills. Clive has guided all over Europe and Nepal and speaks French, German, and Nepali. In his free time, he enjoys canoeing, woodworking, and playing the banjo.

Upcoming Trips:

Tour du Mont Blanc, July 23-30, 2015
Mont Blanc to the Mediterranean, August 2-15, 2015
Hiking the Haute Route, August 17-28, 2015
Hiking the Haute Route, September 1-12, 2015

Client Testimonials:

Clive’s friendliness and quiet passion for the natural beauty of the area were very appreciated. M. Sherman, Fairfax CA Clive is a treasure—his humble, quietly confident manner, his Irish humor, his attention to guests’ needs, his love of the mountains—it’s all A-plus. C. Collins, Sonoma CA Clive was a great leader. Ever present, ever vigilant, and always there with a laugh or helping hand. Gail R., San Francisco, CA
Tour du Mont Blanc
Clive was a wonderful leader who looked after us really well. It was clear that he absolutely loves hiking and being immersed in nature. I loved that he made it 'all about the journey, not the destination' so took time to point out birds, flowers, trees, local cultural points of interest, etc. Robyn F., Epping, Australia
Hiking the Haute Route
Clive is the consummate gentleman in every way...bright and interesting, informative, totally aware of people and situations...and obviously a man of the mountains—and the world. Christina S., San Francisco, CA
Mont Blanc to the Mediterranean
Clive obviously loves the mountains and is extremely knowledgeable and well organized. He did a great job coordinating the multitude of details that made this trip work smoothly. Irene R., Steilacoom, WA
Hiking the Haute Route
Clive was a knowledgeable, personable, warm, and friendly leader, very solicitous of everyone. Sally A., Woodacre, CA
Hiking the Haute Route
Clive was absolutely fantastic. He clearly brought years of mountaineering experience and love of the mountains to the group in a relaxed and inspiring manner. Margaret K., San Francisco, CA
Hiking the Haute Route