Katya Puzyreva

From the most distant reaches of the Russian Federation to Mongolia, and from the vast terrains in China and Iran to 19 states in the US, Katya Puzyreva has experienced varying stretches of cultures around the globe. Yet it’s in her native Russia where she finds her roots. “When I introduce travelers to Russia’s history, I’m fascinated by the things that bring the human touch to history,” she says. “I hope to make my travelers enthusiastic about Russian history, art, and culture.” With a Master’s Degree in Journalism and English Interpretation from St. Petersburg University, she is somewhat of a walking encyclopedia of Russian history. When not guiding, Katya enjoys ballet, spending time in nature, and marveling at the hand-painted porcelain produced at the 250-year-old Imperial Porcelain Factory in St. Petersburg, where she lives.

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Client Testimonials

Katya was a superb guide. She was kind, considerate, patient, well-prepared, pleasant, and extremely knowledgeable.
— Dr. Peter M., Palo Alto, CA
Russia: Land of the Czars
Katya was organized, knowledgeable, patient, and very good at navigating through big venues such as the Hermitage and Catherine's palace. She shared a lot of her own family experience and thoughts about modern-day Russia that I really appreciated for a better understanding of their culture and current society.
— Nancy V., Santa Barbara, CA
Russia: Land of the Czars
Katya had thorough knowledge of history of czars with lots of interesting individual stories to make the personalities come alive. She also answered questions about Soviet history and more recent events with sensitivity.
— Carlyn P., Raleigh, NC
Russia: Land of the Czars
Katya was an excellent guide, very conscientous and knowledgable.
— Mark H., Soda Springs, CA
Russia: Land of the Czars
Katya is one of the best guides I've ever had.
— Marian B., New York, NY
Russia: Land of the Czars
Katya was great. She is such a professional and extremely knowledgeable.
— Shirley R., Springfield, MO
Russia: Land of the Czars
Katya Puzyreva is by far the best Wilderness Travel guide or guide of any travel organization that I have had the experience of knowing in over forty years of overseas travel. She was patient, enthusiastic, punctual, polite, and unbelievably intelligent.
— Jerry D. T., Laredo, TX
Land of the Czars