Skye McDonald

Skye McDonald was born and raised in Scotland in a small village called Scone, the ancient crowning place of the kings and queens of Scotland, and is now based in the Highland capital of Inverness. She has worked as a Trip Leader in 27 countries since the millennium and she’s still counting. As a walking guide she has explored many areas, including the Pindos in Northern Greece, the wadis of Jordan, the volcanoes of Cape Verde, the sentiers of the Dordogne and Pyrenees, the Sahara desert in Mauritania and Mali, the mountains of Cyprus and Lebanon, and most recently the levadas of  Madeira. “Bringing understanding between peoples of very different cultures and backgrounds is one of the joys of being a Trip Leader, and of course, the chance to make friends around the world.” Closer to home, she delights in sharing the glories of  her native Scotland, and says that a good day scaling some of the beautiful Scottish mountains is hard to beat. Skye also loves revealing the glories and stories of the Principality of Wales and walking the famous Coast to Coast trail across northern England. “I adore all the trips I lead for WT, but when asked which is my favourite, my response is, all of them!” Skye speaks German, French, and unusually, a smattering of Swahili from earlier years as a volunteer agricultural officer in Tanzania.

Upcoming Trips:

The Isle of Madeira, April 13-22, 2015
Highlands and Islands of Scotland, May 11-20, 2015
Adventures in Wales, June 1-12, 2015
Highlands and Islands of Scotland, June 15-24, 2015
England Coast to Coast, June 28-July 11, 2015
England Coast to Coast, August 23-September 5, 2015
Highlands and Islands of Scotland, September 7-16, 2015

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Client Testimonials:

I cannot praise Skye enough. She combined efficiency with attention to individual needs. She’s also very knowledgeable about West Africa. Caroline M., Princeton NJ
Timbuktu & Dogon Country
Skye was one of the best leaders of any trip I have taken, period. Betty G., Boca Grande FL
Timbuktu & Dogon Country
Skye was a first-rate leader in every respect. She made the trip a great experience. Helen D., Petaluma CA
Timbuktu & Dogon Country
Skye was fantastic in every way. Her joy in relating to the local people was a pleasure to watch. Susan R., Old Greenwich CT
Timbuktu & Dogon Country
Skye was off the charts tops. She has a captivating storytelling ability and a sharp wit. We always felt in good hands with her. Kate F., Santa Monica, CA
England Coast to Coast
Skye is a fabulous people person and had the gift of bringing the group together. Linda H., Laguna Hills, CA
Tour du Mont Blanc
Skye MacDonald was a superb guide. Her cultural, historical, and botanical knowledge is superb! Lynne M., Portola Valley, CA
England Coast to Coast
Skye's competence is amazing, and her wit delightful! She did a terrific job leading all aspects of this trip. Kitty L., Chicago, IL
Highlands and Islands of Scotland