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Sebastiano Leone

Sebastiano Leone knows that traveling is always better when you’re being led by your senses. Whether it’s guiding cultural trips in Sicily, where he knows all the local hotspots to sip and savor authentic Italian wines and dishes, or hiking adventures in the alpine regions, where you can often find him gazing out over the incredible mountain vistas, his love for people and nature make him an excellent Trip Leader and travel companion. When not guiding trips, Sebastiano works for the Sicilian government on environmental projects, and spends time with his wife and two daughters in Siracusa, where they live. He is also an avid gardener.

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Client Testimonials

Sebastiano really knows all the "insider" places to go and things to do. He helped make our trip a real pleasure.
— Jan D., Loveland, CO
Hiking in Sicily
Sebastiano paced our trip well, allowing room for individual side interests within the scope of the itinerary. I especially appreciated his deep background in the geology and the history of the area. Much of Sebastiano's work was invisible to us, the clients, but his thorough behind the scenes hard work made the trip move smoothly. He was the quiet force that made the trip so successful.
— Carol M., Lafayette, CA
Hiking in Sicily
Sebastiano is genuinely a caring, expert leader. He was always a gentleman who went to any extra effort to please everyone in the group. It was great to observe the relationships he had positively nurtured with hotel and restaurant proprietors at each of our destinations. He helped make our group feel like a Sicilian family!
— Kathy C., Houston, TX
Hiking in Sicily
Sebastiano's ready humor and easy interaction with everybody had a very positive impact on the group dynamic. His intelligent comments about culture, local customs and geology were always welcome.
— Abby W., Woodbury, CT
Pagan Festivals of Sardinia
Excellent is not a sufficient adjective. Sebastiano is over the top terrific at everything. And a great guy as well.
— Peter W., Berkeley, CA
Hiking in Sicily
Not only did Sebastiano bring his deep love and knowledge of Sicily, his knowledge of history and geology, his incredible organizational skills, his adaptability and ability to adjust the trip, but he made it all seem so effortless and natural. A truly outstanding guide and a wonderful person.
— Margaret K., San Francisco, CA
Hiking in Sicily
Sebastiano was superb—prepared, knowledgeable, nice, organized. We want to do another WT trip with him!
— Tom G., Los Altos, CA
Hiking in Sicily
Sebastiano is one of the best guides that I have traveled with; very professional, funny, and resourceful.
— Anna K., Northfield, IL
Hiking in Sicily
Sebastiano is a real ‘people’ person. He was most helpful to all the group members and was fun to be with.
— Judith T., Punta Gorda, FL
Pagan Festivals of Sardinia
Sebastiano really looked after us. He was always available, made sure that everything always went smoothly, is very knowledgeable, and very friendly.
— Walter & Anneliese B., Toronto, Ontario
Hiking in Sicily
A gem! Sebastiano is an exceptionally skilled, knowledgeable, and personally involved hike leader. An extremely professional, educated, and pleasant person.
— Wayne D., Mahwah, NJ
Hiking in the Cortina Dolomites
I can't say enough great things about Sebastiano. He was congenial, caring, fun, and flexible to the group's needs. I really enjoyed my time with him and felt he kept things flowing with a smile. He made sure everyone was having a great time.
— Amy B., Baltimore, MD
Hiking in the Cortina Dolomites
Patient, knowledgeable, and good humored, Sebastiano was a first class leader. I would be happy to travel with him in the future.
— Paul R., Lakewood, CO
Hiking in the Cortina Dolomites
'Sebbe'is a very warm, responsible, and knowledgeable leader, who ran a truly great trip in Sicily. He worked very well with the other two exceptional leaders, and showed a lot of concern for making each trip participant fully satisfied, down to small details. What stood out for me was his kindness, his good judgement, his tact, and the depth of his serious thinking about many subjects-Sicily, of course, one of them. Some amazing people work with Wilderness Travel!
— Jon R., Hillsborough, CA
Hiking in Sicily
Sebastiano Leone encouraged some of us to do more challenging hikes and stayed with us the entire time. His wit and smile made even the tougher hikes loads of fun.
— Lucy H., Sunset Valley, TX
Ultimate Dolomites
Sebastiano was a great leader: fun, thoughtful, kind, warm, capable, and organized. I hope to travel with him again!
— Anne K., Sun Valley, ID
Hiking in the Cortina Dolomites
Sebastiano was a great trip leader. He is a very genuine person, the kind you would have for a friend. He is intelligent, confident, and personable. I loved that he knew so much of the geology of the Alps.
— Joni H., Evergreen, CO
Ultimate Dolomites
Sebastiano is an excellent leader: professional, caring, and capable.
— Sally G., Cleveland, OH
Hiking in Sicily
He was a wonderful guide both in terms of relevant knowledge and interpersonal skills. His ability to explain the geology and natural history of Sicily was exceptional. A real bonus was his knowledge of plants, flowers, and trees. We always felt he was looking out for us in every way.
— Pam W., Minneapolis, MN
Hiking in Sicily
Sebastiano is an excellent trip leader and guide. He was outstanding at dealing with the various hiking skill levels of all participants. He is a true cultural ambassador and a great asset to Wilderness Travel.
— Rob L., Newport News, VA
Hiking in Sicily
I cannot say enough good about Sebastiano—he is extremely nice, funny, sensitive, knowledgeable, and professional. He always went the extra mile to help and provide the best possible experience.
— Mimi S., Santa Cruz, CA
Hiking in Sicily
Sebastiano is warm, considerate, and flexible. He has an excellent instinct for the energy level of the group and was always able to anticipate and meet our needs.
— Eleanor S., Kingstone, ON
Hiking in Sicily
Sebastiano was a wonderful leader. The moment we expressed any needs, he immediately filled them. He was adjustable, friendly, and organized, with a great sense of humor.
— Joselyn B., Caspar, CA
Hiking in Sicily
Sebastiano was great—very personable and knowledgeable about the hikes and the towns.
— Shirley W., Paradise Valley, AZ
Hiking in Sicily
Sebastiano was very friendly and knowledgeable about Sicily, especially the terrain.
— Ann M. and Russ L., Ann Arbor, MI
Hiking in Sicily
Sebastiano was outstanding in giving us information about Sicily. He was also a pleasure to be with.
— Dianne M., Elm Grove, WI
Hiking in Sicily
Best trip ever! Sebastiono was knowledgeable, enthusiastic, flexible, and guided by the interests of the group.
— Gail B., Larchmont, NY
Sebastiano is terrifically organized and highly efficient in a low-key way. His knowledge of local culture, food, and architecture is awesome.
— Edy and Michael D., Portland OR, Sicily and the Aeolian Islands.