Bihter Kuranel

Bihter Kuranel, a native of Istanbul, has been leading tours in Turkey for more than a dozen years. After earning a degree in Economics from the prestigious Bosphorus University in 1996, her interest in travel and meeting folks from other cultures led her to complete studies through the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to become a professional tourist guide in 1997. In addition to being an avid hiker and outdoorswoman, she has a special interest in architecture and literature. In her free time she enjoys music, plays the piano, and perfects her cooking skills using unique and fresh ingredients. Bihter is fluent in English and also has some command of French. She enjoys sharing her love for her country, and with her sociable, outgoing nature, we’re confident you’ll enjoy her company.

Upcoming Trips: TBA

Past Trips:

The Turquoise Coast, September 15-30, 2011
The Turquoise Coast, May 10-25, 2012
The Turquoise Coast, September 13-28, 2012
The Turquoise Coast, October 3-18, 2013

Client Testimonials:

Bihter is truly a superb trip leader. She had to manage a wide range of ages and ablility and did so with great tact. Keep this woman around, she is excellent. Carol D., Portland, OR
The Turquoise Coast
We absoultely loved Bihter. She was the best guide we've ever had! Paula K., Madison, WI
The Turquoise Coast
Bihter was a fabulous, extremely knowledgeable, personable leader and represented WT with the highest degree of professionalism. Libby L., Minneapolis, MN
The Turquoise Coast