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Daniel Jacome

As the son of a naturalist in the Galápagos and grandson of an explorer to the Galápagos in 1958, it’s safe to say the history and culture of the islands run deep in Daniel Jacome’s veins. “I know everything about the islands,” he jokes—but he’s not far off. His background in Environmental Interpretation and Botany as well as his years as a naturalist guide has served him well in paying special attention to each guest’s needs and is always finding ways to lead the group to places where they can explore on their own, away from the crowds. Some of his favorite experiences in the Galápagos are swimming with the sea lions and birdwatching. When he is not guiding trips with Wilderness Travel, he plays music with his band, Tercer Mundo, and spends time with his wife and two children.

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Client Testimonials

Daniel was superb—friendly, interactive, very knowledgable, and an inspiring leader.
— Darian M., Eugene, OR
Ultimate Galapagos
5 stars plus! Can't imagine anyone who could be better.
— Susan C., Colorado Springs, CO
Enchanted Isles
We could not have asked for a better guide or a nicer more caring person to be in charge of our week in the Galapagos.
— Helen C., Queensland, Australia
Enchanted Isles aboard the Mary Anne
Daniel is a real jewel. He was not only knowledgeable, but also has a most gracious and friendly personality. He always had a smile on his face and a good sense of humor.
— Luisa F., Westport, CT
Ultimate Galapagos
Daniel may be the best guide we have ever had. He has extraordinary knowledge and great organizational ability, coupled with remarkable patience. We felt completely safe in his hands and exposed to the best the Galapagos had to offer. On a scale of 1-10, he gets a 12.
— Lynne F., Hastings, NE
Enchanted Isles
Daniel was terrific. His knowledge base was strong, he was sensitive to participants and crew, his heart and soul belong to the islands.
— David W., Honolulu, HI
Galapagos Adventure
If there were a score above excellent Daniel would certainly qualify. A real gem.
— Roger C., Conway, MA
Enchanted Isles
We really enjoyed Daniel's presence as our trip leader. He interacted and bridged the communication gap with the Mary Anne crew and tour members professionally and reliably. He shared his extensive knowledge of the Galapagos in the right-sized amounts and to a just-right depth and nuance. He also let the trip unfold as we went so that we were discovering the delights of the Galapagos moment to moment—enjoying our first tortoise or iguana, or the unusual encounter of this sea turtle and that owl.
— Lissa M., Berkeley, CA
Ultimate Galapagos
Daniel is amazingly knowledgeable in multiple fields of plants, animals, geology, history, etc. He has an amazing ability to explain things in a way that people understand.
— Bill M., Berkeley, CA
Ultimate Galapagos
Daniel was superior. His knowledge of the islands, flora and fauna, history, geology, and all things Galapagos was exceptional.
— Ralph S., Playa Del Rey, CA
Ultimate Galapagos
Daniel was an excellent guide, fun and knowledgeable with an upbeat personality. His love of the islands was obvious.
— Belinda H., San Francisco, CA
Enchanted Isles
Daniel's knowledge about the history, culture, environment, and biodiversity were amazing. Our group was pretty diverse in terms of abilities and Daniel was very accommodating to everyone.
— Selena C., Edmonton, Alberta
Enchanted Isles
Daniel is a wealth of information and an outstanding guide. He is very passionate about all aspects of the Galapagos and we enjoyed him immensely.
— Gail H., Denver, PA
Enchanted Isles
Daniel is truly an outstanding guide on many fronts—knowledge, caring, and communication skills. He is enjoyable to be around and really made for a wonderful trip.
— Mary L., Santa Fe, NM
Galapagos Adventure
Daniel is terrific. He did a wonderful job, took care of everyone's needs, wants, and whims, and did it graciously and with pleasure. He is definitely a treasure for WT!
— Jeanne C., Napa, CA
Ultimate Galapagos
Daniel was an excellent leader—accommodating, knowledgeable, and very personable.
— Gene J., Salt Lake City, UT
Evolution Cruise
Daniel was a great trip leader, excellent in every regard.
— Jody K., Bloomington, MN
Darwin Cruise
Daniel is a treasure! He is absolutely wonderful, the best!
— Jan P., Portland, OR
Enchanted Isles
Daniel was fabulous. When you can attract and keep people of his caliber, you’re doing everything right!
— Fred M., Stockton CA
The best guide of any type we’ve ever had!
— Shep B., Atlanta GA
Daniel fields questions very well, manages a wide variety of ages and temperaments in an exemplary manner, and goes out of his way to please eery individual. He is simply a delight!
— Rene B., San Deigo CA
I was along for the most recent Ultimate Galapagos tour. Truly the trip of a lifetime...so far. This was my first vacation in over 10 years and my first foray outside the USA, but it won’t be the last. And, Daniel Jacome is a teriffic guide.
— Ross B., Santa Maria, CA
Daniel Jacome is truly a gem—knowledgeable, funny, caring and attentive, making sure that every one of us enjoyed our trip to the utmost. He not only freely shared his love of the Galapagos with us, but made us aware of how travel with a responsible company such as Wilderness Travel, can help to preserve this very special place on Earth.
— June and Guy M., Seattle, WA
It was very clear that Daniel has a deep personal love for the Galapagos Islands. He knows the land and marine wildlife, the plants, geology, oceanography and human history, and interweaves this knowledge in his explanations of what we were seeing.  Daniel is one of the most gifted interpreters I’ve had the pleasure of learning from and I’ve worked with many in the last 20 years.
— Laura M., Seattle, WA
Daniel Jacome was truly an excellent leader. His knowledge, care for the environment, concern for participants, rapport with the crew, and up-beat personality—all were perfect.
— Catherine S., Los Altos, CA
Daniel was fabulous in every way—he helped make the trip the wonderful experience it was.
— Debby S., Ann Arbor MI
Can't say enough good things about Daniel.
— Steven W., Richmond VA