Max Holland

Max Holland has been developing and leading unique cultural adventures for us in Southeast Asia since 1988. A native of the UK, Max moved first to Canada and then to the US, where he worked for many years as a project development engineer in both Michigan and California before settling in northern Thailand, where he has resided for over 25 years. Max has traveled extensively throughout all continents of the world and has a gift for finding those out-of-the way places that make a trip unforgettable. Spontaneous events, classic meals, good group camaraderie, and new-found friendships with the local people are part of a journey with Max. Wherever possible, Max enjoys introducing trip members to monks in Buddhist temples and people in their village homes so trip members can get first-hand knowledge about the country and the local people’s beliefs and superstitions, goals and fears, loves and hates. “I especially like to ‘interview’ elders because they have such excellent knowledge and experiences of events in their lives that we can only read about,” says Max. A practicing Buddhist, Max is an expert in Asian cultures and history and his “local knowledge” of Southeast Asia is unsurpassed. He speaks fluent Thai as well as some French and Spanish.

Upcoming Trips: TBA

Past Trips:

Burma: Wonders of the Golden Land, November 3-16, 2011
Indochine, December 22, 2011-January 6, 2012
Burma: Wonders of the Golden Land, January 21-February 3, 2012
Burma: Wonders of the Golden Land, November 5-18, 2012
Burma: Wonders of the Golden Land, January 28-February 10, 2013
Culture and Cuisine of Indochine, February 24-March 9, 2013
Burma: Wonders of the Golden Land, November 16-29, 2013
Burma: Wonders of the Golden Land, February 1-14, 2014
The Arc of the Sacred Symposium: Temples and Treasures of Cambodia, January 25-February 5, 2015

Client Testimonials:

Max Holland is the greatest! He spent a considerable amount of time and energy making slight revisions daily so that the diverse desires of the group were met. Fred S., Wyoming, OH This was a great trip! We saw such a lot and learned so much, yet didn’t feel rushed. Max was wonderful. Nancy and Tom B., Edgewood KY
Max’s joy of the people, the food, the cultures, the shopping, and the food made the trip a very personable one. Peggy C., Wyndmoor, PA
Max is very compassionate, engaging and knowledgeable trip leader. His love of SE Asian culture is genuine and his passion for the history, people and traditions of Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia is apparent to all his clients. Barbara O., Bolingsbrook, IL
Now I know why Max has such a large following. He’s the best guide I’ve ever had. Jane M., Gainesville FL
Temples & Hilltribes of Burma
Max is warm and caring. His interactions with the locals to give us insight into the people was wonderful. Paul L., Missoula MT
Max is amazing, so smart, so kind, so generally intrigued by the area. Elise L., New York NY
Max worked extremely hard to assure that each traveler had the best experience possible. I enjoyed his gentle manner and his positive love of Burma and its friendly people. Dianne L., Fairfax Station, VA
Burma: Wonders of the Golden Land
Max is a most amiable and companionable fellow traveler. Knowledgeable and thoughtful, he managed the arrangements admirably and gave us many insights into Myanmar. Philip M., Bersham, Australia
Burma: Wonders of the Golden Land
Max is a terrific resource and a delightful person. We were totally pleased with every aspect of how he educated, advised, and assisted us. Luisa F., Westport, CT
Burma: Wonders of the Golden Land
What can I say about Max? He is by far the BEST trip leader ever. This is our second time with him and is the primary reason for signing up for this trip. No one does it better! Julile A., Carlsbad, CA
Burma: Wonders of the Golden Land
I am so glad I had the opportunity to travel with Max. Great knowledge, wit, and presence throughout! Would love to do another trip with him. Vivian L., Alameda, CA
Burma: Wonders of the Golden Land