David Henley

David Henley was born and raised in England, where he studied as a commercial photographer before embarking on an extended adventure throughout Asia. He eventually settled in Chiang Mai, where he has been living for over 25 years. In addition to trip leading and traveling throughout Southeast Asia, David continues to nurture a passion for photography. He is the Managing Director of CPA Media, a mixed media company, and also owns and operates an online picture library which deals in historical and contemporary images of Asia. His guidebooks include Insight Guides and Eyewitness Guides, and his photography has appeared in numerous newspapers and magazines including the Washington Post, National Geographic Traveler, and Hemispheres. David is a founding member of Chiang Mai’s renowned Writers Club. Whether he is photographing people and places, or sharing his historical and cultural knowledge of temples and palaces, his trip members appreciate his keen intelligence, depth of knowledge and engaging personality.

Upcoming Trips:

Burma: Wonders of the Golden Land, January 9-22, 2016
Indochine, February 13-28, 2016