Orlando Haraseb

“Orlando” Petrus Haraseb is a Damara with easygoing charm along with a wide-ranging knowledge of Namibia’s natural and cultural history. A former soccer star (and one-time captain of Namibia’s national soccer team), Orlando has been a professional safari guide for over 15 years, starting as a guide at Hobatere Lodge under the mentorship of Steve Braine, one of Namibia’s top naturalists. Orlando has been featured in several publications including Conservation in Namibia. In 2015, he won the silver award for the International Wanderlust Guide of the Year Award. He is the vice chairman of the Namibian Academy for Tourism & Hospitality, the institution responsible for training safari guides.

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Client Testimonials

Orlando is by far the best guide I have ever encountered. He is amazing and works at least 16 hours a day making it all look easy. A gem!
— Heidi M., Laguna Beach, CA
Namibia Expedition
Orlando was wonderful and so knowledgable on so many different levels.
— Nancy D., Little Rock, AR
Namibia Expedition
Orlando did an outstanding job! Service with a smile, knowledgeable, humorous, listened to our every need. We couldn't ask for a better trip leader.
— Bessie L., Milpitas, CA
Namibia Expedition
Orlando is simply an outstanding guide in every respect and so knowledgeable about the country, the animals. and the people. His love of Namibia comes through in every action and words he speaks about his country.
— Jerry W., Santa Rosa, CA
Namibia Expedition
Orlando is a tireless worker—always the diplomat, always in control (in a good way), and always informative. I cannot be emphatic enough in our appreciation for all the work he put into this trip.
— Vicki M., Lake Oswego, OR
Namibia Expedition
Orlando was one of the best guides I've had. He worked to make it a wonderful trip for everyone. His wildlife skills were superb.
— Lynne B., College Station, TX
Namibia Expedition
Orlando's knowledge was encyclopaedic and his concern for the welfare and well-being of his group evident and sincere.
— Irene K., Avon Lake, OH
Namibia Expedition
Orlando was extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of the trip. In addition to being a superb trip leader, he was also a very pleasant man who took great pride in being able to show us the diversity of Namibia.
— Nancy B., Charlestown, MA
Namibia Expedition
Orlando was clearly one of the highlights of the trip. His knowledge, patience and humor are all very much appreciated.
— Scott F., New York, NY
Namibia Expedition
Orlando is extremely knowledgable and personable. His knowledge of the flora and fauna was truly impressive.
— Gary S., Oakland, CA
Namibia Expedition
Orlando is an outstanding guide. His knowledge, energy, enthusiasm, humor, and great kindness contributed so much to the quality and enjoyment of our trip.
— Johanna S., Sunnyvale, CA
Namibia Expedition
Orlando is the best local guide I have encountered in more than 45 years of travel to more than 100 countries. His knowledge is extensive, his organizational skills are superb.
— Martha F., New York, NY
Namibia Expedition
Orlando was a wonderful guide and was very committed. He really looked after all of us very well.
— Elaine C., Zurich, Switzerland
Namibia Expedition
Orlando is a great guide and was particularly helpful to use with bird identification and spotting.
— Alla Sobel, Hoboken NJ
Orlando is a kind, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful guide. He is unflappable and is always happy. I would gladly travel with him again!
— Carolyn McAlear, Bend OR
Orlando has a heart or gold and the patience of a saint. He is one of your best, on par with some of my favorites—Hashmat, and Stanley!
— Abbe Eaton, Ann Arbor MI
Orlando was amazing patience dealing with the group and myriad of questions. He is incredibly knowledgeable about the bird and wildlife and serious about protecting the unique Namibian environment including observing the park and reserve rules. He also worked hard to ensure we saw as many animals as we could during game drives and simply along the many roads.
— Jean Aaro, Hotchkiss CO
A very caring trip leader who is tuned in to making it the best experience possible. Knows everything about animals we saw.
— Richard Feferman, Albuquerque NM
Very professional, caring, knowledgeable leader. One of the best in my experience.
— Yola Gibas, Washington Crossing PA
Orlando was not just a terrific guide he was also a very caring person. On multiple occasions he went beyond the call of duty to provide assistance to individual travelers.
— Sandra Colony, New York NY
Orlando is without question the best guide we've ever had on a WT trip (or any other trip). His knowledge and experience of Namibia's wildlife are first-rate, and his primary concern was always the guests' welfare and happiness. Because of him, we were able to appreciate this gorgeous country as much as he loves it.
— Jeannee Sacken, Milwaukee WI
Orlando was a fabulous leader. Very knowledgeable and fun to be with.
— Donna P., Montville, NJ
Namibia Expedition