Giampiero Faga

Giampiero Faga was born in Calabria in the far south of Italy and attended university in Rome. He indulged his passion for international travel during more than 20 years of service for Alitalia as a chief purser, and is a wonderful storyteller and engaging travel companion. Giampiero speaks five languages and lives in the Italian countryside.

Upcoming Trips:

Ultimate Dolomites, August 30-September 10, 2015
Rome to Ravenna, September 21-October 2, 2015

Client Testimonials:

We had a great time with Giampiero and would travel with him again. John R., Orlando, FL
Castles and Caves of Dordogne
Giampiero did an excellent job. Ellen Lamb, Laguna W., CA
Country Walks in Provence
Giampiero was very creative in finding options. We loved him! Don and Maureen Fried, Placerville
CA Country Walks in Provence
Giampero is a pure delight. I very much enjoyed his personality and his amazing willingness to do anything possible to fill our needs. Gillian B., Calgary Canada
Hiking in Italy's Lake District
He was superb! Giampiero is very knowledgeable and treated us with respect and friendliness. Bob K., Spokane WA
Hiking in Italy's Lake District
Giampiero was an excellent leader. He kept us all amused, collected wildflowers for my wife, prepared great picnics, and supplied us with lots of post-trip photos. Jim L., Tucson, AZ
Rome to Ravenna
Giampiero's attention to detail, engaging stories, and genuine interest in others added greatly to the trip. Laura S., Palo Alto, CA
Rome to Ravenna
Giampiero was good natured throughout, with a wonderful sense of fun and love of all things Italian. Abby W., Woodbury, CT
Rome to Ravenna
Giampiero was an excellent guide, making sure every person was comfortable with plans, hikes, hotels, food, and specialized needs. He was a delight to have as a guide. Karen T., Los Angeles, CA
Rome to Ravenna