Jhon Elguera

Jhon Elguera was born in 1980 near the ancient Inca stronghold of Machu Picchu in the Santa Teresa Valley. After graduating from high school in Cusco, he undertook computer studies, then later attended guide school, receiving a diploma in cultural tourism. Jhon has been guiding tours in Peru since 2002. An outdoor enthusiast, he has completed several First Aid and Mountain Rescue courses.

Upcoming Trips:

Jhon regularly leads private group trips.

Client Testimonials:

Jhon was amazing and definitely made the trip as successful as it was! Noelle K., Ridgewood, NJ
Inca Trail Private Journey Deluxe Option
Jhon was able to lecture authoritatively on Incan/Peruvian/South American history, archaeology, botany, colonization, and cultural anthropology. Which, by itself, might make me want to push him off a convenient precipice (of which we saw several) if he weren't such a considerate, supportive, and competent guide! Drew C., Albany, NY
Inca Trail to Machu Picchu Private Journey