Ibrahim El Wahsh

Ibrahim El Wahsh holds a degree in English Literature and Languages from Mu'ta University in Amman. He has nearly a decade of experience leading groups within his native Jordan and enjoys sharing his country with visitors from around the world. Ibrahim speaks English and French in addition to Arabic.

Upcoming Trips:

Pyramids to Petra, November 7-20, 2015

Client Testimonials:

Ibrahim has the rare quality of being able to connect with each participant. His enthusiasm, knowledge, and kindness are unsurpassed. He was great! Leslie H., Taos, NM — Lawrence’s Arabia Ibrahim was the best guide I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing (I have done this WT trip three times). He did an outstanding job! Judith D., Wasilla, AK — Lawrence’s Arabia
Ibrahim makes a truly personal connection with each person, He is unique and a joy to be with. Pamela C. and John W., Del Mar, CA — Lawrence’s Arabia Ibrahim was great and we enjoyed traveling with him. Carol H., Villa Park, CA
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