Stanley Dube

Stanley Dube was born and raised in Zimbabwe on the edge of Hwange National Park, where his natural affinity for the wildlife began at an early age. After attending Gwanda Teachers College in 1985, he taught African languages and history in Bulawayo until 1995. He then began his apprentice guide training in Zimbabwe’s Matusadona National Park, passing his full Zimbabwe Guides Licence in 1998. He later moved to Botswana to further his career in guiding, attaining his Botswana Guides Licence in 2004. Since then, Stanley has been guiding for us throughout northern Botswana. He is a keen birder and speaks fluent English, Ndebele, and Tswana.

Upcoming Trips: TBA

Past Trips:

Botswana: Okavango Explorer, May 15-30, 2011
Botswana Wildlife Safari, June 5-17, 2011
Botswana Wildlife Safari, June 19-July 1, 2011
Botswana Wildlife Safari, July 10-22, 2011
Botswana Wildlife Safari, July 24-August 5, 2011
Botswana Wildlife Safari, August 14-26, 2011
Botswana Wildlife Safari, August 28-September 9, 2011
Botswana Wildlife Safari, September 11-23, 2011
Botswana: Kalahari Explorer, April 15-30, 2012
Botswana Wildlife Safari, May 6-18, 2012
Botswana Wildlife Safari, May 27-June 8, 2012
Botswana Wildlife Safari, June 17-29, 2012
Botswana: Okavango Explorer, July 1-16, 2012
Botswana Wildlife Safari, July 22-August 3, 2012
Botswana Wildlife Safari, August 19-31, 2012
Botswana Wildlife Safari, September 9-21, 2012
Botswana Wildlife Safari, September 23-October 5, 2012
Botswana: Kalahari Explorer, April 7-22, 2013
Botswana: Kalahari Explorer, April 21-May 6, 2013
Botswana Wildlife Safari, May 26-June 7, 2013
Botswana Wildlife Safari, June 16-28, 2013
Botswana: Okavango Explorer, June 30-July 15, 2013
Botswana Wildlife Safari, July 21-August 2, 2013
Botswana Wildlife Safari, August 4-16, 2013
Botswana Wildlife Safari, August 25-September 6, 2013
Botswana Wildlife Safari, September 8-20, 2013

Client Testimonials:

Not only was Stanley experienced and professional, he was also fun. He and the rest of the crew were absolutely wonderful. They each deserve a box of gold stars! Martha S., Carlsbad NM Stanley was the best in every way. We enjoyed his company always. He told great stories and I felt totally safe with Stanley in charge. Jane H., Carlsbad NM Stanley is the “heart and soul” of an Africa safari. I was forever changed and touched by his knowledge, love, and enthusiasm for the African wilderness. Abbe E., Ann Arbor, MI Stanley was adept at locating the animals and also a pleasure to be with. Colleen C., Berkeley CA Stanley is a great leader! He is very accommodating, and he always went out of his way to make sure everyone was happy. Joan V., Virginia Beach VA Stanley has outstanding leadership skills and experience but, most importantly, he is a fine human being. Wayne N., Las Vegas, NV Stanley was an excellent travel guide—good at tracking, always concerned about our welfare, and a good storyteller at campfire! Cheryl B., San Francisco, CA We were both very pleased with his knowledge of the areas visited. He was extremely concerned about the environment. Herbert and Franziska B., Ottawa, Canada
Botswana Wildlife Safari
A great guide and a great teacher. Stanley’s knowledge of animal behavior and of Botswana is exceptional. Scott B., Brownsburg, IN
Botswana Wildlife Safari
Stanley was great. He handled the group very well and knew everything about the area. Rob D., Minneapolis MN
Bostswana Wildlife Safari
Wonderful guide! He taught us so much, and he was extremely thoughtful, patient, and fun to travel with. He made it an outstanding experience. Thank you! Margaret K., San Francisco, CA
Botswana: Okavango Explorer
Stanley is an incredibly competent and knowledgeable leader and well versed not only in wildlife but also history, ecology, hydrology, geology, politics—he is the total package! And, a great sense of humor! Lee M., Cambridge, MA
Botswana: Okavango Explorer
Stanley is a terrific guide: calm, helpful, caring, and an expert in the region, the mammals, and the birds. One of the best guides ever. Peter W., Berkeley, CA
Botswana: Okavango Explorer
Very knowledgeable, professional, patient, sociable, and a good communicator. Ann C., Portland, OR
Botswana Wildlife Safari
Stanley was terrific, helpful, cheerful, and attentive to all our needs and questions. His preparation of background history and other details was wonderful. Valerie M., Mill Valley, CA
Botswana Wildlife Safari
Stanley was an amazing guide. His expansive knowledge of the areas visited and wildlife was a fantastic plus for all of us and we enjoyed his enthusiasm for guiding and teaching. Julie D., North Salem, NY
Botswana Wildlife Safari
Stanley is so knowledgable, a lovely individual who guided us every step of the way and was as excited as we were each day. Paula E., W. Newton, MA
Botswana Wildlife Safari
Among all the very, very impressive guides we have had on our Wilderness Travel trips, Stanley tops the list. He was knowledgeable, professional, friendly, skilled, had a great way with people and a great sense of humor, and was a great storyteller. Really very impressive. Susan F., Seattle, WA
Botswana Wildlife Safari
Stanley is an amazing individual and we felt honored to be part of his trip. We would go anywhere with him! Lynn & Kellan H., Palo Alto, CA
Botswana Wildlife Safari
Stanley was fantastic. He knew all the birds and the plants as well as the large mammals, and answered our gazillion questions with incredible patience. Then there was the night when we were sitting around the fire and he HEARD a leopard enter the camp. Awesome! Karen and John P., Castro Valley, CA Stanley was an amazing guide. His combination of knowledge, disposition, and general passion for the animals and parks made it a trip of a lifetime. Brad G., San Francisco, CA
Botswana Wildlife Safari
We travel extensively—and Stanley was the best guide/trip leader we have had the pleasure to be with. In addition to his extraordinary knowledge and quiet and open manner, his continual attention to our comfort and safety were exceptional. John M., Alexandria, VA
Botswana Wildlife Safari
Stanley was awesome! He had a way of relating to each of us in a way that made us feel that we were his 'favorite' group. Very patient, kind, and generous. Betsy S., Hamilton, MT
Botswana Wildlife Safari
Stanley has patience, quiet confidence, knowledge of area, and ability to share information with humor and organization. Holly M., Hopkinton, MA
Botswana: Okavango Explorer
Stanley was the best! His incredible knowledge of the natural world of Botswana and his incredible patience with all of us was beyond amazing! Susie S., Lafayette, CA
Botswana Wildlife Safari
Stanley's deep knowledge and love of the country, as well as his desire to show travelers everything possible, was clear in everything he planned and did. He had wonderful relationships with all the staff and it was clear that they are a cohesive team. Patty D., Mill Creek, WA
Botswana Wildlife Safari
Stanley is a wonderful ambassador for Africa and Wilderness Travel. His patience, management of the camp, of staff, guests, and safety concerns gave us an assurance that we welcomed. His engaging conversations were a delight in the evenings and around the bush TV. He will not be forgotten! Dave & Deb S., Jonesborough, TN
Botswana Wildlife Safari
We felt so lucky to have Stanley as our trip leader. Can't thank him enough for all he did for us to make the adventure very special. Susan C., Colorado Springs, CO
Botswana: Kalahari Explorer
Stanley was terrific! His tracking ability astounded us; his informative talks at tea time were always interesting; his delight in his surroundings and his guide role were wonderful. Linda N., Palo Alto, CA
Botswana: Kalahari Explorer
What Stanley does NOT know about Botswana, its history and peoples, its flora and fauna could probably be written on the head of a pin. Peter F., Cambria, CA
Botswana: Okavango Explorer
Stanley's interest in and love of the wildlife came through at all times and helped make the trip special. He was also excellent at spotting wildlife. Kitty C., Nashville, TN
Botswana Wildlife Safari
I can't say enough good things about Stanley. He imparted broad insight about animals, plants, ecology, and Botswana history and culture, and exhibited great care for the environment and for our safety. Susan S., Lexington, KY
Botswana Wildlife Safari
Stanley is knowledgable, calm, professional, and personable. We so enjoyed his insights. Everything seemed to run so smoothly...which, of course, means that he was on top of everything at all times! Jerri M., Oakland, CA
Botswana Wildlife Safari