Cuxil antonio

Antonio Cuxil

Antonio Cuxil, a descendent of the Kaqchiquel Maya, was born in Chimaltengo, Guatemala. After working in the hotel and tourism industry in Guatemala for many years, Antonio’s passion for Maya culture led him to pursue the study of Maya epigraphy (glyphs). He has traveled to Europe and the US to participate in Maya archaeological conferences and done research in the Southern Campeche region of Mexico with noted epigraphist Nikolai Grube. In addition, he has led workshops for Guatemalan tour guides on Maya epigraphy. Antonio has been a Trip Leader on several of our past World of the Maya events and we are glad to welcome him back. His native language is Kaqchiquel and he also speaks English, Spanish, French, and German.

Upcoming Trips: TBA

Past Trips

  • Classic Kingdoms of the Maya, December 28, 2017-January 8, 2018