Caballero kika

Kika Caballero

Kika Caballero was born in Lima, Peru, and learned to become a guide at Peru's national school for guides, where students make in-depth studies of Peru's archaeology, flora and fauna, and history. As a veteran WT Trip Leader, Kika has been guiding our groups to Peru for more than 15 years. "In this work, we always need to study because we need to stay informed, especially about the latest archaeological findings in Peru. I want to thank everyone who likes to travel because it gives me the chance to meet them! It's fantastic to share our lives for a while and learn more about each other—because after all, we are sharing the same house—Planet Earth."

Upcoming Trips: TBA

Past Trips

  • Peru Explorer, November 1-12, 2017

  • Peru Explorer, March 29-April 9, 2017

  • Peru Explorer, August 11-22, 2016

  • Peru Explorer, June 15-26, 2016

Client Testimonials

Kika is amazing! She is so personable and friendly and knows everyone.
— Marney G., Montgomery, AL
Peru Explorer
Kika is the best guide that I have encountered on Wilderness Travel trips.
— Carol S., New York, NY
Peru Explorer
Kika was outstanding—knowledgeable, enthusiastic, warm, nurturing, caring, tireless, fierce in her advocacy for her charges, unflappable.
— Paul B., Albany, CA
Peru Explorer
What a delight she was—she made everything special!
— Judy G., Frankfort, IL
Peru Explorer
Kika was beyond excellent in every way; she is truly an exemplary guide—by the far the best we've had on any of the WT trips we've taken. Can you clone her?
— Barbara K., Santa Fe, NM
Peru Explorer
Kika's knowledge of Peru—both past and present—was extraordinary; her care and attention provided to us as well as to other tourists we met was extraordinary; her consistent ability to keep all tiny and big details in place and communicate to all of us and those around us about logistics and about changes, etc. was also extraordinary. Superb beyond expectations.
— Faye D., San Rafael, CA
Peru Explorer
You can not have a better guide than Kika! She is compassionate, knowledgeable, organized, and a total pleasure to be with.
— Charles and Marcia L., Sebastopol, CA
Peru Explorer
Kika is an extraordinary trip leader. She was organized, knowledgeable, concerned for everyone's health and comfort, and lots of fun. Wilderness Travel always has great guides, but Kika has got to be the best guide we've ever experienced. She made the trip!
— Marcella S., Los Altos, CA
Peru Explorer
Superlatives are not enough to describe Kika. She has raised the bar for any trip leader I may experience in the future. She’s priceless!
— Teresa C., Greer SC
Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
Kika Caballero is the best! She is truly a fantastic person and accomplished professional. She made our trip truly special.
— Nikki M., Walnut Creek, CA
Kika Caballero’s spirit and enthusiasm made the trip.
— Mark Best, San Francisco, CA
Kika was amazingly efficient and organized as well as warm, friendly, and immensely helpful in all ways. There simply could not be a better trip leader.
— Phyllis R., Ashland OR
Empires of the Sun
Kika was not only knowledgeable but also extremely helpful and did everything to make our visit a most enjoyable one. On top of it, she was a lot of fun. It is because of Kika that all of us will remember the Peru trip most fondly.
— A. R., Glen Ellen CA
Kika was an outstanding guide—fun, tremendous personality, warm, caring, a true delight.
— N. D., Goshen KY
Kika was fantastic and we would travel with her any day! Your entire Peru team is tops.
— Wilson and Renate M., Eugene OR
Royal Inca
I had an amazing time. Peru was unbelievably beautiful and our guide, Kika, was beyond my expectations.
— Alison V., Ottowa, Canada
Royal Inca
Kika was awesome! I wish she could be duplicated on every trip I were to take. She was always one step ahead and went beyond to make sure everything was in order.
— Kathleen S., Stockton CA
Inca Trail to Machu Picchu