Philip Burns

Philip Burns, a native of San Ignacio, a bustling riverside town in western Belize, looked around after college graduation and decided that Trip Leading was the life for him. He entered Belize's official guide school, studying everything from the ancient Maya to tropical ecosystems, with a special focus on ornithology and archaeology. Immensely proud of his beautiful country—he calls it “a jewel”—Philip has since been featured in several travel shows and named Guide of the Year by the Belize Tourism Board. He loves being an ambassador for the rich cultural and natural heritage of Belize, and brings a deep understanding of the country as well as his good sense of humor to each adventure. “The diversity of Belize amazes me every day. I never know what will show up in the trek, underwater, or on the trails.” The father of three boys, he likes to cycle in his free time.

Upcoming Trips:

Belize: Reefs, Ruins and Rainforests, November 7-15, 2015

Client Testimonials:

Philip is very knowledgeable, loves his country and what he does—a true professional. Cecilia C., New York, NY
Belize and Tikal
Philip was very professional and possesses an amazing knowledge in all aspect of the life in Belize and its flora, fauna, etc... He was always willing to explain anything and could answer any question. An A#1 Leader! Marie-Claire T., Danville, CA
Belize: Reefs, Ruins and Rainforests
Philip was the best guide we have ever had. It was like traveling with a good personable and genuine. We could tell he really loves his job and his country. He could also answer every question we had. What a delightful young man! Gayle P., Benicia, CA
Belize: Reefs, Ruins and Rainforests
Philip was personable, knowledgeable, and fun. He did everything he could to ensure we had a good trip. Lynn M., Brooklyn, NY
Belize: Reefs, Ruins and Rainforests
Phillip was wonderful!! He was like a walking encyclopedia regardless of the subject regarding the areas we visited. He was well-organized, friendly, and caring. Ingrid E., Sharon, MA
Belize: Reefs, Ruins and Rainforests