Tim Burford

Tim Burford has written hiking guidebooks to many regions, from Romania to Chile to Alaska, and is the author of the authoritative Travel Guide to Georgia (the former Soviet Union), published by Bradt, UK. Tim’s great passion is for the mountains, trails, and cultures of Central Europe, including France, Switzerland, and his native England. “I love going to other parts of the world, but one can never really be bored in Europe, it’s just packed with beauty and variety.” Tim holds a master’s in French Literature from Oxford and lives in Cambridge. When not writing or leading our hiking adventures, he enjoys sailing and cycling.

Upcoming Trips:

England Coast to Coast, May 24-June 6, 2015
Normandy and Brittany, June 8-18, 2015
Hiking in Cornwall, June 20-29, 2015
Glacier Express, July 11-18, 2015
Tour du Mont Blanc, July 23-30, 2015
Hiking the Haute Route, July 31-August 11, 2015
Hiking the Haute Route, August 17-28, 2015
Tour du Mont Blanc, September 6-13, 2015

Client Testimonials:

Tim was a true gentleman. I enjoyed listening to his stories of hiking all over Europe and South America. I had no doubt that I was safe and secure, even in rough terrain. Jennifer K., Glenview IL Tim Burford is a well traveled and knowledgeable leader and an asset to WT. We’d love to travel with him again. Julie R., Bainbridge Island WA Tim was an excellent leader. He was very attentive to those of us who were slower than the rest of the group. Carole M., Santa Cruz, CA
Villages and Monasteries of Bulgaria
Tim was a model of knowledge, responsiveness, and good organization. We'd be very happy to travel with him again. Wendy Y., Pebble Beach, CA
Normandy and Brittany
Tim's huge store of knowledge contributed to our trip in a big way. He was able to give us history and other information. Aviva K., Los Angeles, CA
Normandy and Brittany
Tim is very professional , pleasant, and friendly, and smoothly handled all aspects of the trip. Estee L., Los Angeles, CA
Normandy and Brittany