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Peter Boehm

Peter Boehm is German-born but says, “I have Latin blood running through my veins.” Pete has guided in Peru and across South America since 1984. He arrived as a traveler and became one of the first to trek many of Peru’s then unexplored Inca trails. With countless captivating stories about his adventures along these remote routes, Peter still notes, “The best moment on a trip? Every time I arrive into Machu Picchu—goosebumps! In Peru we are so lucky to have such a great mix of nature and culture.” With decades of experience, Peter has longtime relationships with many friends in the villages along the trail (our guests have called him “the Mayor of the Sacred Valley”). He is endlessly good-natured and shares his insights and local connections with trip members with great enthusiasm. “I can really be and feel with WT clients—it is never superficial traveling together.”

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Client Testimonials

Peter was amazing, thoughtful of others' needs, always smiling, made sure everyone was taken care of, has a great knowledge of the area. He made the trip very memorable.
— Walter M., Los Angeles, CA
Hiker's Journey to Machu Picchu
Best WT guide we have traveled with and we have had some very fine guides over the years. We felt part of the community given Peter's many friends and acquaintances. He extended himself in many, many ways for all of us.
— Michael M., Fort Collins, CO
Hiker's Journey to Machu Picchu
I was consistently impressed with Peter. His knowledge of history and the area was incredible as well as his connections with local people.
— Abigail G., Portland, OR
Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
Superb trip leader. Extremely knowledgeable, enthusiastic, personable, good sense of humor, attentive to everyone's needs, and coordinated the trip well.
— Arthur V., Santa Cruz, CA
Hiker's Journey to Machu Picchu
Peter was amazing...he made an extraordinary trip even more extraordinary—if that's possible!
— Nancy S., Mosca, CO
Hiker's Journey to Machu Picchu
What a joy to be with Peter. He has great knowledge, connections, insight, humor, willingness, was tuned in to each trip member, and did all things with a kind heart. He made the trip what it was and enabled us to have rare and unique experiences that otherwise would we would not have access to. He is the top of the cream of the crop in our hearts and mind, and we are truly grateful.
— Barbara C., Tempe, AZ
Hiker's Journey to Machu Picchu
Peter is absolutely the key to this wonderful trip, making what we saw meaningful and yet fun. His personality, energy, and commitment showed through in his interactions with the participants, assistants (at all locales and levels), and even with passersby (most of whom he seemed to know by name).
— Hans L., Superior, CO
Hiker's Journey to Machu Picchu
Peter did a great job showing us the ‘real’ Machu Picchu. Knowledgeable about history, passionate about the culture, and so connected, which made it so much more fun.
— Jon L., Los Gatos, CA
Hiker's Journey to Machu Picchu
Peter is a master storyteller, brilliant at choreography and strategy, yet well skilled in the logistics. He made the experience complete and special for each of us.
— Joan G., Portola Valley, CA
Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
Peter was the maestro of a perfectly orchestrated trek.
— Bill S., Boiling Springs, PA
Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
Peter's love of the area and friendship with many of the local people we encountered added so much to our experience.
— Pat L., Ottsville, PA
Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
Peter is a wonderful person. His knowledge of the area, people, and culture is outstanding. It was amazing how well known and respected he is by the locals. He is a fabulous guide and friend.
— Sean C., Carmel, IN
Peru Private Journey
Peter has an in-depth knowledge of his subject: the culture, archaeology, and the terrain of the country we were traveling in. From the moment I was met at the airport until the last day, he worked effortlessly at making everyone at ease. He is naturally gifted to work with people.
— Ghislaine I., New York, NY
Hiker's Journey to Machu Picchu
Peter was a superb guide, very knowledgable, engaged, fun, and took fabulous care of all of our needs. His strong relationships made the trip extraordinary.
— Nancy P., Issaquah, WA
Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
Peter seems to know everybody and has a lot of friends who love and respect him very much. As a consequence we were treated very nicely and as friends, too, which left a lasting and positive experience.
— Anna K., Northfield, IL
Hiker's Journey to Machu Picchu
I was amazed at how many people randomly approach Peter EVERYWHERE and treat him like long lost family. It speaks volumes.
— Leatrice F., West Stockbridge, MA
Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
Peter was a fantastic traveling companion. He was knowledgeable and did a great job getting us where we needed to go, while making sure we were learning and experiencing along the way. He was entertaining, informative, and educated, and made such a difference on this trip.
— Karin R., Hinsdale, IL
Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
Peter was amazing. He made the trip! Can't imagine having another leader. He took care of every detail and his knowledge of the Incan civilization is remarkable.
— Christine W., Encino, CA
Hiker's Journey to Machu Picchu
Peter was absolutely fantastic: enthusiastic, kind, funny, and highly knowledgeable. He was the best guide and trip leader I have ever had anywhere.
— Paul G., Amherst, MA
Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
Peter is the perfect trip leader. He is caring, funny, enthusiastic, and passionate about Peru.
— Anne V., Amherst, MA
Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
We called Peter the 'mayor of the Sacred Valley' as he knew everyone everywhere.
— Marsha B., New York, NY
Hiker's Journey to Machu Picchu
Peter is outstanding. His enthusiasm, knowledge, and boundless energy made the trip extra special!
— Amy S., St Petersburg, FL
Hiker's Journey to Machu Picchu
Peter's enthusiasm and pure delight with the Inca antiquities was so infectious there was no way anyone could not have a great time!
— Nancy T., Oak Harbor, WA
Hiker's Journey to Machu Picchu
We can't sing Peter's praises enough. He is a very knowlegable, personable and enthusiastic trip leader, and his obvious joy in sharing the culture and history of Peru with us made the trip very special. He is one in a million!
— Mark T., Oak Harbor, WA
Hiker's Journey to Machu Picchu
Peter's enthusiasm for the people, history, and countryside of Peru was infectious. I truly enjoyed his leadership.
— Stephen H., Denver, CO
Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
Peter made this trip happen! His attention to all our needs and many other little details along the way allowed us to experience a wonderful journey!
— Pat B., Delta, BC
Hiker's Journey to Machu Picchu
Could not have asked for a better guide than Peter. He was so much fun, knowledgeable, patient, and kind. He was one of the reasons we enjoyed this trip so much.
— A. K., Chicago, IL
Peter’s experience, with the Peruvian culture, the trek, and with people in general, shone through. He is organized and through. Best of all, his love of adventure and for his job was apparent to everyone and in everything he did.
— P. S., Arlington VA
The trip of a lifetime! I have taken over 5 adventure trips and Peter Boehm is by far the best leader I have encountered.
— Lee W., Atlanta, GA
Peter was amazing. He truly made the trip special. I always felt safe, taken care of, and informed. He’s the best.
— Ann C., Salcantay to Machu Picchu
Peter was a great guide, He created a wonderful atmosphere for the group to interact in. He was a lot of fun yet instilled confidence that everything was taken care of.
— Malin W., Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
Peter was the best leader. He worked hard to take care of all the details along with interacting with everyone with great humor.
— Gordon W., Salcantay to Machu Picchu
Peter Boehm is a great leader, on top of everything and even attentive to small details to make everyone more comfortable.
— Leland and Susan F.
Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
We can’t say enough about Peter Boehm. An absolute delight to be with.
— Cheryl P., South Deerfield, MA
I've taken numerous trips with other companies. Not one had a guide the equal of Peter. He is the best.
— Susan G., Pittsburgh PA
Hiker’s Journey to MP
We so appreciated Peter Boehm's extra efforts to acquaint us with Peruvian culture and art by introducing us to his friends and his own deep connection to the country.
— Jane E., Laguna Niguel CA
Hiker’s Journey to Machu Picchu
Peter is a great leader. He is an asset to your company.
— James S., West Chester PA
Hiker’s Journey to MP