Gunnar Bjorgvinsson

Gunnar Bjorgvinsson, a graduate of the University of Iceland, spends his summers guiding sea kayaking trips and hiking trips in his native Iceland and in the winter teaches classes in wilderness skills. He has a vast knowledge of Icelandic culture and history, from its famous mountain trolls to the stories of its Viking seafarers.

Upcoming Trips: TBA

Past Trips:

Iceland Expedition, July 8-16, 2011
Iceland Expedition, August 19-27, 2011
Iceland Expedition, June 8-16, 2012
Iceland Expedition, July 6-14, 2012
Iceland Expedition, August 17-25, 2012
Iceland Expedition, June 16-24, 2013
Northern Iceland Expedition, July 2-10, 2013
Iceland Expedition, July 14-22, 2013
Northern Iceland Expedition, August 11-19, 2013
Iceland Expedition, August 21-29, 2013
Iceland Expedition, June 20-27, 2014
Northern Iceland Expedition, June 30-July 7, 2014
Iceland Expedition, July 11-18, 2014
Northern Iceland Expedition, July 29-August 5, 2014
Iceland Expedition, August 8-15, 2014

Client Testimonials:

Gunnar is a great guide. He knows the trails very well, has a great personality, a good sense of humor, and is a great storyteller. Elaine H., Medford MN
Iceland Expedition
Gunnar is a true gentleman, aware of everyone's concerns. Robert V., Virginia Beach CA
Iceland Expedition
Gunnar’s knowledge and passion about not only the land but also the politics of the country were outstanding and deepened my appreciation of the trip. His expertise in mountaineering was evident and created a safe environment. Elaine R., Santa Barbara CA
Iceland Expedition
Quiet-spoken, highly knowledgeable, confident, and an excellent leader. Kevin O., Albany CA
Iceland Expedition
Gunnar was great--you are very lucky to have him. He has a great combination of experience, dedication, care, attentiveness, and personality. Ellen S., El Paso, TX
Iceland Expedition
Gunnar was a terrific leader, with a very understated, wry, but terrific sense of humor. Stunningly well-qualified in terms of outdoors experience, capability and judgment. David L., Manchester, NH
Iceland Expedition
One of the best guides I've ever had. Bob B., Chevy Chase, MD
Iceland Expedition
I enjoyed having Gunnar as a leader. He loves his country and is genuinely happy to share it with visitors. Ken G., Orlando, FL
Iceland Expedition
A fabulous leader. Excellent combination of knowledge, organization, and people skills. Burt R., New York, NY
Iceland Expedition
Gunnar had a vast and deep knowledge of Iceland geology and culture and was a wonderful leader. Bill W., Menlo Park, CA
Iceland Expedition
It would be tough to beat Gunnar for his expertise and willingness to share his own experiences. Walter S., Tucson, AZ
Iceland Expedition
Gunnar was excellent! Very kind, thoughtful, knowledgeable, good sense of humor—a wonderful person. Carol K., Cincinnati, OH
Iceland Expedition
Gunnar is simply wonderful. He represents his country beautifully and is such a soft-spoken man with a great sense of humor and so much knowledge. He works very hard, is a true mountain man. and we all loved him. We were sad to say goodbye to him. Diana W., Chicago, IL
Iceland Expedition
I really enjoyed Gunnar and his deep knowledge of Iceland and its history. Nick F., Akron, OH
Northern Iceland Expedition
Gunnar had a soft-spoken style with great leadership skills and confidence. He was always positive and willing to share his knowledge and perspectives. David A., Evanston, IL
Northern Iceland Expedition