Fausto Arellano

Fausto Arellano has been a naturalist guide and divemaster in the Galapagos for over 25 years. He took his first trip to the islands in 1982 as a graduation present from high school. Captivated by the beauty of the Galapagos, he discovered his study path, graduating from Argentine Catholic University of Buenos Aires with a degree in biology. After completing the Naturalist Guide's course at Galapagos National Park, he specialized in diving and photography and has been leading natural history trips in the islands ever since. A world traveler, Fausto has visited Europe, North and South America, Antarctica and Africa, and lived for a time in Rome, Frankfurt, and Chicago. He is fluent in English and Italian along with his native Spanish. In 2009, Fausto was invited to speak about the Galapagos at a celebration of Darwin's 200th birthday at Charles Darwin University in Darwin, Australia. He is currently studying solar technology with the goal of bringing renewable energy sources to the Galapagos.

Upcoming Trips:

Ultimate Galapagos, May 15-31, 2015
Galapagos Adventure, May 15-24, 2015
Enchanted Isles, May 22-31, 2015
Ultimate Galapagos, June 12-28, 2015
Galapagos Adventure, June 12-21, 2015
Enchanted Isles, June 19-28, 2015

Client Testimonials:

Fausto was above and beyond what we expected. We really felt taken care of. Donna A., Enchanted Isles Fausto is the perfect trip leader. His knowledge is outstanding. Gary A., Enchanted Isles Fausto has a wonderful ability to make sure each person gets what they want out of the trip. Carol W., Enchanted Isles Fausto Arellano’s relaxed but professional attitude was the perfect style for our group. Sherrill Lavagnino, Oakland, CA Fausto Arrellano did a fantastic job of making things run smoothly. He was inventive and flexible in his approach. Michael D., Berkeley CA
Enchanted Isles
Fausto was magnificent! Tom B., Seattle WA
Galapagos Adventure
Fausto made the trip. I felt extremely fortunate to have him as our trip leader. His knowledge was outstanding. Lou G., Ft. Collins, CO
Highlands and Islands
Fausto is the consummate professional. His passion for nature and the animals was exceptional. Jeffrey P., Steamboat Springs CO
Highlands and Islands
Fausto sets the standard. He knows how to set and maintain a positive tone and relates well to all. Paul Sax, Lafayette, CA His passion for the Galapagos is evident, and we benefitted from it. Phil M., Victoria, BC
Fausto added very positively to this thoroughly memorable trip. Gene M.,
South Lake Tahoe CA, Enchanted Isles
It was fun getting to know Fausto. He is extremely knowledgeable and very proud of his home country. Brenda S., Lakewood, CO
Enchanted Isles
Fausto is an outstanding Trip Leader. He knows how to strike the right blend of friendliness and professionalism for each group member. His deep knowledge of Ecuador and the Galapagos, experience in diving and snorkeling, and strong interpersonal skills made our trip unforgettable. Christopher Q., San Francisco, CA
Ultimate Galapagos
Fausto is a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable leader who seems genuinely interested in sharing his love of the area with others. Leah W., Edmond, OK
Ultimate Galapagos
Fausto was incredibly passionate and knowledgable about the Galapagos. His camera hints let us get incredible photos of the animals. Brent P., Urbana, IL
Galapagos Adventure