Andrea Angelini

Andrea Angelini, born in Rome, studied to be a mechanical engineer. After working as a flight technician  for Alitalia, he realized he wanted a life of travel and moved to Mexico, where he worked in tourism, traveling around Central America and honing his Spanish skills. Returning to Italy, he worked for tour agencies across western and eastern Europe. “My years of leading adventure tours have given me the chance to meet people from all around the world and learn about their cultures. In return, I hope that I can bring people a sense of deep contact with Italy’s culture and its history (mostly Roman, of course!).” Andrea loves the mountains and the outdoors. He learned to ski at a young age from his grandfather, a master ski instructor, and also enjoys spending leisure time fly fishing in mountain streams. When not guiding, he resides with his children in the small fortified Umbrian village where his grandparents were born.

Upcoming Trips:

Amalfi and Capri, April 18-26, 2015
Amalfi and Capri, May 16-24, 2015
Amalfi and Capri, September 19-27, 2015
Amalfi and Capri, October 3-11, 2015

Client Testimonials:

He was a joy to have on the trip and made a big impact on the overall satisfaction of the group. He has a great smile, always went the extra mile to have everyone be happy, and was highly entertaining! Nancy V., San Rafael, CA
Amalfi and Capri
A delight! Wonderfully enthusiastic, a splendid singer, and spokesman for all things Italiano. Robin T., Mill River, MA
Amalfi and Capri
Andrea is not only a superb and professional driver, he also assisted on some of our hikes. We had tremendous confidence in his ability to get us from place to place safely, quickly, and efficiently. He is entertaining and a terrific conversationalist as well. John E., Northport, MI
Amalfi and Capri
Andrea has a great smile and friendly manner that kept us all upbeat. He knows everyone is Southern Italy and can fix any problem. Charles N., Indian Wells, CA
Amalfi and Capri
Andrea was fabulous. He was a good hike leader and showed us all how to appreciate the local food and wines. Edie H., Olympia, WA
Amalfi and Capri
Andrea was a wonderful addition to the trip. He knows the locals, the culture, and history of the area, and is a superb driver. On hikes, he was very cognizant of each member's ability and stressed safety. AND, he is a marvelous singer and dancer—great fun! Lucy H., Sunset Valley, TX
Amalfi and Capri