Agboglo paul

Paul Agboglo

Paul Agboglo, raised in the south of Togo, earned his BA in Foreign Languages (German and English), with a thesis focused on the translation and interpretation of 150 proverbs in the Ewe language of Togo. Paul's thesis has since become a standard reference in Lomé for studies of the moral and philosophic teachings of the Ewe people as transmitted by oral tradition. Paul was an assistant on a National Geographic and NPR expedition to Taudenni and has worked with TV documentary crews from Australia. He has personally been “blessed” by having twins, which in West African culture is surrounded by mystical considerations—parents of twins are revered and honored. Paul has led European and American groups in West Africa since 1999 and is himself a “blessing” for trip members with his vast knowledge and lively personality.

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Client Testimonials

Paul was a great trip leader in every way. His insights were invaluable and his knowledge added to the pleasure of the trip.
— Sarah N., Denver, CO
Tribal Ghana, Togo, and Benin
Paul was a joy to be with, very kind and considerate with each of us and a lot of fun to be with.
— Myrna D., Applegate, OR
Tribal Ghana, Togo and Benin
I can't say enough good things about Paul. He is highly experienced and educated, fluent in four language, seems to know everyone in all three countries, always very meticulous about providing us the best quality experience, and most of all a wonderful person and great travelling companion. Paul joins my list of truly outstanding trip leaders I have had on WT trips.
— Jack S., Evergreen, CO
Tribal Ghana, Togo and Benin
Paul is an outstanding guide. He is multilingual, speaks English very well, has an in depth knowledge of the culture for all three countries, and is able to meet the needs of group members.
— Marcella G., Blacksburg, VA
Tribal Ghana, Togo and Benin
Paul is very intelligent and a great teacher, with an encyclopedic knowledge of West Africa and voodun. He also has a warm personality and a great sense of humor!
— Sara K., Las Cruces, NM