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Turquoise Coast, Turkey

The Cavurali, a classic 65-foot, single masted yacht with beautiful handmade teak hull and decks that is ideal for a journey with friends or family. (Note—for groups of nine people or more, we charter a larger gulet. Please call us for details.) Smaller and more intimate than the traditional wooden motor-sailers used on our group departures, the Cavurali features four comfortable cabins with beautiful mahogany paneling and private bathrooms (two cabins have single beds and two have double beds). Linens and towels are provided, including beach towels for swimming. We suggest you pack light because bunk and luggage space aboard is limited.

Spacious shaded aft and fore decks with chaises provide comfortable outdoor dining and lounging.. Full air conditioning is available as an option, but the Cavurali's natural ventilation is usually sufficient even during hot mid-summer days (many trip members enjoy sleeping out on the deck under the stars for fresh air, as the locals do).

Two ocean kayaks (one single, one double) are available on board for exploring secluded coves and marine caves. Snorkeling equipment and a sailboard are also provided. To maximize time for exploration, we normally proceed under motor power. When conditions permit, and at the captain's discretion, sails will be raised. The Cavurali has a crew of three.

This is not a luxury cruise aboard a big cruise ship, but it’s easy to adjust to yacht life, and we think you’ll find this to be one of the most pleasant and relaxing journeys imaginable.

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