The Giraffe Manor, Nairobi, Kenya

The Giraffe Manor, Nairobi, Kenya

If you’re going halfway across the world, why not make the most of your adventure? We are happy to arrange extensions to many of our trips—just give us a call.

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Reserving a Trip

The next step to adventure is easy! Our Area Managers are here to help—from choosing the right trip and checking availability to reserving your place. After you sign up, the same Area Manager will normally be your single point of contact, overseeing all of your arrangements, answering any questions that you may have, and helping you to prepare for the adventure of a lifetime.

Choosing Your Trip

Once you’ve had a chance to browse our catalog, (if you don’t have one yet, click here ) be sure to download our Full Detailed Itineraries. These are available for downloading from each Trip Page, or they can be sent to you via fax, email, or mail. Our Area Managers can answer any questions you might have, and they would be happy to refer you to someone who has traveled with us before for a reference.

Reserving Your Place

Early reservations are recommended, since group sizes are limited and airlines often sell out of their best fares many months in advance. For immediate confirmation on a trip, you can call us at 1-800-368-2794 and charge the initial $500 deposit to your Visa, MasterCard, or American Express credit card, or mail an Application Form along with a check. Each participant must submit a separate signed application prior to departure. Download a blank Trip Application (in PDF format).

Upon receiving your deposit we will send you a confirmation letter, detailed trip itinerary, travel insurance application, and a pre-departure information booklet with clothing and equipment list, visa information, suggested reading list, and general information needed to prepare for your trip. Rendezvous instructions and final trip details will be sent about 3 weeks prior to departure.

Terms & Conditions

Payment Schedule*

At time of reservation: $500
120 days prior to departure: 20% of land cost
60 days prior to departure: Balance

*Payment schedules for cruises, private departures, extensions, and certain Special Events vary. These exceptions are clearly indicated in the detailed itineraries printed separately for each of these trips.

Prices are quoted in US dollars and all payments must be made in US dollars whether by check or credit card. All land payments submitted less than 15 days prior to departure must be by credit card or cashier’s check.


In order to offer the lowest possible price, all of our tours are priced according to the number of full-price passengers on the trip*. For example:

Land Cost:
$2595 (13-15 members)
$2895 (9-12 members)

*Wilderness Travel staff, trip physicians, or guests of Wilderness Travel (travel writers, photographers, leaders-in-training) are not included in the tier pricing count.

Prices listed in our catalog are subject to change because the trip dates and prices have often been published more than a year in advance. Between that time and the time of the trip’s actual departure, we are occasionally faced with exceptional cost increases or currency fluctuations that we cannot absorb. We do everything we can to keep our prices the same as published. Please note that for trips in certain areas of the southern hemisphere such as Patagonia, New Zealand, and Australia, prices are seasonal. In such cases, the prices quoted in this catalog are for Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 only, and are so noted on the catalog trip page and in the detailed itinerary. Prices for Fall 2013 would not normally be available until early 2013.

Single Supplements

Accommodations are based on double occupancy. A single supplement is paid by participants who specifically request single accommodations, subject to availability. If you are traveling alone and wish to share accommodations, we will try to match you with a roommate. However, if a roommate is not available, the forced single supplement will be charged, which is 50% of the regular single supplement unless otherwise noted in the detailed itinerary.

Cancellations and Refunds

If it becomes necessary for you to cancel your trip, the following fees will apply, computed as of the date of receipt of written cancellation notice, which can be sent by email, fax, or standard mail.

Cancellation Fee Schedule*

Minimum fee: None!
90-46 days prior to departure: 25% of land cost
45 days or less: 100% of land cost

*Cancellation and transfer schedules for cruises, private departures, extensions, and certain Special Events are often more strict. These exceptions are clearly indicated in the detailed itineraries printed separately for each of these trips.

Rates are based on group participation and no partial refunds will be given for unused trip arrangements for any reason whatsoever. Once you have been confirmed on a trip that requires a medical certificate signed by a doctor, normal cancellation penalties apply if your doctor does not sign the certificate. We highly recommend that all clients purchase trip cancellation insurance.


You may transfer to another trip without penalty by notifying us of your wish to transfer 91 days or more prior to departure. After that time, you are subject to the cancellation fees outlined above. Special Events, cruises, certain group departures and private trips are subject to special terms outlined in the detailed itinerary.

Cancelled Trips

Wilderness Travel, Inc. reserves the right to cancel any trip prior to departure for any reason whatsoever, including insufficient signup or logistical problems that may impede trip operations. The refund of all land payments received shall release Wilderness Travel, Inc. from any further liability. A trip with insufficient signup would normally be cancelled a minimum of one month prior to departure.

Wilderness Travel, Inc., must normally make substantial payments to its suppliers (hotels, transportation companies, etc.) far in advance of the scheduled embarkation date. If a trip is cancelled due to force majeure (acts of God, war, labor strikes, earthquake, flooding, etc.), Wilderness Travel, Inc., will promptly refund the portion of the trip cost not already advanced to suppliers and use its best efforts to recover and refund the balance as promptly as possible. However, Wilderness Travel, Inc., does not guarantee recovery of any or all of the advance payments made, and our use of best efforts to recover these payments will not include the institution of any legal proceedings in foreign jurisdictions.

Wilderness Travel, Inc., is not responsible for expenses incurred by trip members in preparing for a cancelled trip (e.g., nonrefundable advance purchase air tickets, visa fees, inoculations, equipment, etc.) or for any additional arrangements should the trip member have embarked prior to the scheduled group departure date.

Limitation of Liability

These paragraphs (together with the Release of Liability section of the Application Form) define our responsibility with respect to all our trips. PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY. Payment of your deposit represents your acceptance of the following terms and conditions:

Wilderness Travel, Inc. gives notice that services provided in connection with its itineraries, including transportation, hotel accommodations, restaurants, and other services, are purchased from various independent suppliers who are not affiliated with Wilderness Travel, Inc. in any way. Although we endeavor to choose the best suppliers available, Wilderness Travel, Inc. has no right to control their operations and therefore makes these travel arrangements upon the express condition that Wilderness Travel, Inc., and its own agents and employees, shall not be liable for any delay, mishap, inconvenience, expense, irregularity, bodily injury or death to person, or damage to property occasioned through the conduct or default of any company or individual engaged in providing these services. Each of these passenger conveyance companies, tour companies, hotels, restaurants, etc., is subject to the laws of the state or country where the service is provided.

Wilderness Travel, Inc. shall not be liable for (a) expenses such as additional hotel nights and meals not specified in the individual trip itineraries, but which may be required to get to or from a trip start or end; (b) expenses due to the delay of a trip for any reason (e.g. bad weather, trail conditions, land slides, flooding, sickness, or other contingency for which Wilderness Travel, Inc. cannot make provision; (c) expenses incurred in recovering luggage lost by airlines, belongings left behind on a trip, or in shipping purchases or other goods home from abroad; (d) bodily injury or property damage for any reason, including but not limited to acts of God, weather, quarantines, strikes, civil disturbance, theft, default, changes in government regulations, terrorism, war, or failure of conveyance to arrive or depart as scheduled, etc., over which Wilderness Travel, Inc. has no control. The right is reserved to substitute both trip leaders and hotels from those listed in the catalog, as well as reverse the order of places to be visited and make reasonable changes in the itinerary where deemed advisable for the comfort and well being of the passengers.

Photographic Release

Wilderness Travel, Inc. reserves the right to take photographic or film records of any of its trips. Trip members should be aware that Wilderness Travel, Inc. may use any such photographic or film records for promotional and/or commercial purposes, or joint marketing efforts with third parties, without remuneration to the trip members.

Trip Member’s Responsibility

Trip members have the responsibility to select a trip appropriate to their abilities and interests. In order to assist you, we grade each trip with a Trip Grading. We are also happy to discuss the trip with you, as well as provide you with names of past participants who can discuss their experience with you. Trip members are held responsible for being in sufficient good health to undertake the trip. Trip members are responsible for preparing for the trip by studying the itinerary and pre-departure information packets sent by Wilderness Travel, Inc. and for bringing the appropriate clothing and equipment as advised therein.


California Seller of Travel Registration No.: 1007696-40
Registration as a Seller of Travel does not constitute approval by the State of California. Wilderness Travel is not a participant in the California Travel Consumer Restitution Fund. California law requires certain Sellers of Travel to have a trust account or bond. Wilderness Travel has such a trust account.